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Data Processing Corp. Board Of Directors, San Diego


A non-profit corporation designed to provide data processing services to the City of San Diego and other public agencies as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.


Appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council pursuant to Resolution No. R-299444. If the Mayor does not appoint and submit to the City Council a nominee within ninety (90) days of a vacancy on the Board, then the City Council may elect a director to fill the vacancy.


All Directors other than City employee Directors, shall serve for a term of two (2) years and may not serve more than three (3) consecutive terms. Each two (2) year term of a Director shall begin on March 1 of the year that the Director is appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council at the Member's annual meeting in February.

The three (3) City employee members shall serve until removed from office or otherwise replaced by action of the Mayor.


Composed of seven (7) members.

Three (3) members shall be City employees. One of the three (3) City employee members shall be the City's Director of Information Technology; the other two (2) City employee boardmembers shall have no less than the rank of a director of a City department.

For (4) members other than City employee directors, shall be persons whose professional background or experience is in the field of technology (e.g. information technology, data processing, telecommunications, science and engineering).

Governed By

Council Policy PDF icon 100-22, Resolution PDF icon R-305745, 4-13-2010; Council Policy PDF icon 000-13. Resolution PDF icon R-223829, adopted 6-25-79, latest revision 8-13-79. Sections 2 & 3 of Article III of the bylaws of the San Diego Processing Corporation, Inc., amended 8-13-79. Amended by Resolution PDF icon R-296015, 1-28-02. Amended by Resolution PDF icon R-299444.

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