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Utility Undergrounding Advisory Committee


The Utility Undergrounding Committee shall advise the City Council on:

(1) How the City may better implement the undergrounding program to minimize community concerns related to the installation of utility equipment, including above ground utility boxes, while undertaking undergrounding projects;
(2) How the City, community, and utility companies could improve communication in implementing the goals of the program; and shall
(3) Report back to the full City Council before March 1, 2015, with recommendations regarding the City's Utilities Undergrounding Program.


    City Councilmembers shall submit nominations for the Utility Undergrounding Committee to the Council President, who shall then appoint the members, with confirmation by a majority vote of the City Council.


    The Utility Undergrounding Committee shall be temporary in nature, shall be dissolved upon the completion of the objectives for which it was created, and the committee members shall serve without compensation.


    Fourteen members with seven nominated by Councilmembers, appointed by the Council President and confirmed by the City Council; and seven members from the private utility companies with two representatives to be designated by San Diego Gas & Electric, Cox Communications, and AT&T, and with one representative to be designated by Time Warner Cable.

    Governed By

    PDF icon San Diego Charter Section 43 (b) ,PDF icon Council Policy 000-16 . Board established by Resolution PDF icon R-308721 adopted on 02/12/2014.

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