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Obtaining a Public Right-of-Way Permit for Standard Public Improvements

This Information Bulletin provides information to apply online for a Minor Right-of-Way (ROW) Permit. Minor Right-of-Way projects are prepared on construction plans and are classified into two categories: 1) Rapid Review Projects or 2) Submitted Projects.

Below are projects that qualify for Rapid Review. A maximum of three items listed in the Rapid Review category can be combined into one set of plans. Plans showing four or more improvements listed in the Rapid Review category must be submitted and do not qualify for Rapid Review. 

Public improvement projects associated with a building permit and/or a discretionary permit do not qualify for Rapid Review and must be submitted. Submitted plans are uploaded online by selecting the record type “Grading, ROW, Mapping - Standalone.”


Minor Right-Of-Way 
(Rapid Reviews)

Minor Right-Of-Way 
(Submitted Plans)

  • Removal and Replacement of Existing Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk (up to 150 linear feet)
  • New Sidewalk Adjacent to Existing Curb (up to 150 linear feet)
  • City- Standard Driveway Remove/Replace and New (Residential)
  • Test Boring within one Street Block
  • Potholing (need to be on the same Street or same intersection, not more than 10 potholes)
  • Sewer Lateral (Direct Connection to the main Wye or saddle connection) Residential Standard condition per Information Bulletin 166)
  • Water Service (Wet tap connection, Residential Standard condition per  Information Bulletin 166)
  • Gas/Electric Service (Residential Only)
  • Fire Service (Wet tap connection - Standard condition per  Information Bulletin 166)
  • Removal and Replacement of Existing Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk (more than 150 linear feet)
  • Curb Outlets (D-25)
  • Sidewalk Underdrains  
  • City Standard Curb Ramps (New or Replacement)
  • Driveways Remove/Replace and New (Commercial)
  • Non-City Standard Driveways Remove/Replace and New (Residential).
  • Private Storm Drain Laterals Connecting to Public Storm Drain System
  • Concrete Alley Apron Removal & Replacement
  •  Concrete Alley Pavement Removal & Replacement
  • Retaining Walls in the ROW (not more than 3 feet in height) 
  • Street trees/tree grates
  • Potholing
  • Sewer Lateral (Manhole connection)
  • Water/Fire Service (Tee cut-in connection)
  • Gas/Electric Mains
  • Sidewalk Cafés 
  • Standalone Agreements for work in the Right-of-Way
  • Streeteries & Parklets
  • Improvements as a condition of discretionary permits 
  • Improvements as a condition of building permits 
  • Free-standing Walls/Fences in the ROW (not to exceed 3’ in height)
  • Dry Utilities (non-franchise projects)
  • Electric/Telecom Conduits

Construction Plan Requirements

Plans must be prepared using the City of San Diego - Right of Way Permit-Construction Plan (DS-3179). Available submittal requirements must include the following:

  1. Fully dimensioned set of plans, including font and scale requirements.
  2. Address and legal description of the property (i.e., lot number, block number subdivision name, map number, and assessor’s parcel map).
  3. Property Owner’s name.
  4. North Arrow.
  5. Curb and gutter location.
  6. Curb-to-property line distance.
  7. Existing and proposed sidewalk (if any) dimensioned.
  8. Front and side property lines, dimensioned.
  9. Location and width of the existing proposed driveway(s)
  10. Existing utilities (Pipes, Hand holes, vaults, valves,..etc.), including but not limited to, water, sewer, and storm drain pipes.
  11. Existing landscape/non-standard improvements in the parkway (if any). Provide a copy of the previously recorded Encroachment Maintenance and Removal Agreements (EMRA) for previously approved encroachments or for Non-standard Improvements
  12. For new or expanded-width residential driveways, provide the following:
    1. Existing and proposed structures on-site.
    2. Length and width of off-street parking area.
    3. Distance from side property lines to proposed.
    4. Driveways Alley width (if any) 

See Figure 1 below. 

Installation Standards

All standard public right-of-way improvements must be installed under the approved plans and consistent with the latest edition of the San Diego Regional Standard Drawings and Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction. Please refer to the San Diego Regional Standard Drawings.


  1. All improvements in the Right-of-Way require review and approval. A Traffic Control Permit (TCP) may also be required in addition to the Right-of-Way Permit for traffic control. A separate fee is assessed for a TCP. For more information, see Information Bulletin 177, “How to Obtain a Public Right-of-Way Permit for Traffic Control.” 

Permit Fees

Permit and inspection fees are paid when the permit is issued. See Information Bulletin 502, “Fee Schedule, Construction Permits - Grading and Public Right of Way." 

Projects whose comments have not been completely addressed by the third review cycle will be assessed an additional hourly fee.

Figure 1: Typical Construction Plan for a Standard Public Right of Way Permit

Typical Construction Plan for a Standard Public Right of Way Permit



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