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Transportation Development

The Transportation Development Section reviews transportation issues for discretionary projects including right-of-way requirements, parking, access and other Land Development Code transportation issues. It also reviews transportation impact studies as part of the environmental review process. See additional information that may be helpful in the Planning Department's Transportation Planning section.


SubjectDescriptionRevision Date
Traffic Impact Study ManualIncludes procedure for determining the type of traffic impact study needed and requirements for performing traffic impact studiesJuly 1998
Trip Generation ManualInformation about vehicular traffic that is generated by different land uses.May 2003
More DocumentsAdditional documents can be found in the Planning Department's Transportation Planning Library.N/A

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine my projects' parking requirements?

Check Section 142 (Chapter 14, Article 2, Division 5) of the City's Land Development Code. This section also describes required dimensions of parking spaces, drive aisles and other aspects of designing the project's onsite parking.

How can I determine whether my project will require a transportation impact study?

Refer to Figure 1 in the City's Traffic Impact Study. The rule of thumb is that if the project would be expected to generate more than 1,000 average daily trips (according to the City's Trip Generation Manual) or 500 average daily trips if the project would require a community plan amendment, a transportation impact study is required.

How can I submit an "adequate" traffic impact study on its first submittal?

Follow the checklist in Appendix 1 of the City's Traffic Impact Study and also scope the study with Transportation Development staff prior to beginning the study. Reach early agreement with staff on such issues as geographic scope of the study, locations where new traffic counts will be needed, how to handle any computer modeling, how to handle any proposed phasing, and how to address any unusual conditions.

How many review cycles does it typically take to get a traffic impact study approved?

This depends on several factors such as how well the study was scoped, how complex the issues are, etc. But please contact Transportation Development to arrange a meeting if the study is not close to approval by the third review.