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Development Services

Decision Process

Applications for permits, maps, and other approvals are reviewed through one of the five decision processes depicted in the Decision Processes with Notices diagram below. The zoning, conditions of the site and proposed project determine the process that is followed for each application. If more than one type of decision process is required for the project, then the decisions are consolidated (except for Process One decisions) and taken to the highest decision level.

Typically, projects that fall under Process One, Two or Three take less time and cost less money than projects that fall under Process Four or Process Five. Applicants should be familiar with thresholds in the development regulations that determine the decision processes. If you can design your project to fall under one of the lower decision processes, it could save substantial time and money in the review and approval process.

What decision process will be required for a project?

The PDF icon Decision Process Flow Chart and the graphic below will help you determine the application process for a project.