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Zoning Grid Map

Select a grid to see the zoning over that entire area. You can zoom in on specific areas and parcels to see the zoning that reflects the City’s current information. There is also a legend that shows the map color and the zone designation (zone name) for that color.

Because the City has so many zones, some colors are very similar and may be difficult to differentiate on the map. The map also has labeled as many streets and zones as practical based upon graphic constraints so not all streets and zones could be labeled. If you know the property's address, we recommend that you search by address instead.

For assistance with the grid map, call 619-446-5000 or email

Zoning Grid MapGrid 49Grid 48Grid 47Grid 46Grid 45Grid 44Grid 43Grid 42Grid 41Grid 40Grid 39Grid 38Grid 37Grid 36Grid 35Grid 34Grid 33Grid 32Grid 31Grid 3029Grid 28Grid 27Grid 26Grid 25Grid 24Grid 23Grid 22Grid 21Grid 20Grid 19Grid 18Grid 17Grid 16Grid 15Grid 14Grid 13Grid 12Grid 11Grid 10Grid 09Grid 08Grid 07Grid 06Grid 05Grid 04Grid 03Grid 02Grid 01

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