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Zoning Grid Map

Select a grid tile or link to view the corresponding map in PDF format. For more information about how to use the grid maps see the explanation below in Exploring the Grid Map.

Exploring the Grid Map

The Grid Map links to the right will take you to the specific section of the map that you select. The map that you will see will allow you to look at the zoning over the entire area that you selected. Using the tool bar on your computer explorer tree, you can zoom in on specific areas and parcels to see the zoning that reflects the City’s current information. There is also a legend that shows the map color and the zone designation (zone name) for that color. Because the City has so many zones, some colors are very similar and may be difficult to differentiate on the map. In those cases, it is recommended that you use the link to view your property by address where you can enter in a specific address to verify the zone for that property. The map also has labeled as many streets and zones as practical based upon graphic constraints so not all streets and zones could be labeled.

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