San Diego Promise Zone

Image of San Diego Promise ZoneA swath of San Diego was designated in 2016 as the San Diego Promise Zone (SDPZ), which will provide funding to address key areas in the City’s most disadvantaged neighborhoods. The targeted area stretches from East Village and Barrio Logan in the West to Encanto and Emerald Hills in the East. It has a population of more than 77,000 residents.
Through the PDF icon Promise Zone initiative, the federal government partners are paired with local leaders to streamline resources across agencies and deliver comprehensive support.
Locally, the SDPZ is characterized as having high unemployment (15.61 percent), low educational attainment, insufficient access to healthy food, concentrated poverty (39.06 percent), rising crime rates and the least affordable housing in the country.
The City has partnered with numerous organizations and agencies in the San Diego area to establish the SDPZ. The partners have collectively identified six goals for the SDPZ to improve quality of life and accelerate revitalization. The goals include creating jobs, improving economic activity, reducing violent crime, increasing educational opportunities, providing better access to quality affordable housing, and promoting health and access to healthcare. 
The SDPZ can build upon the recent rezoning, the vacant land located along high-traffic corridors and the central location well-served by public transit to bring an economic surge to these underserved communities.
The newly designated SDPZ will receive customized federal support, including preferred access to certain competitive federal investments that further the SDPZ strategies and the designated, locally based federal staff to help implement the six goals and navigate federal programs. The Promise Zone designation lasts for 10 years and becomes effective on Oct. 1, 2016.
Read more about the City's plan to improve the quality of life in the PDF icon San Diego Promise Zone.
For more information about the SDPZ, contact the City of San Diego Promise Zone Director Katherine Crow at 619-533-6474. Also, visit the Promise Zones page at the Corporation for National & Community Service website.
Promise Zone Working Groups
Promise Zone Working Groups meet monthly. See the Promise Zone Events Calendar to learn more.