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Personnel Department

Typing Certificate Information

Typing certificates must be obtained from an accredited business college, educational institution, public agency, professional service or business which routinely provides typing verification documentation in their normal course of business. Internet typing certificates will not be accepted. You may submit a COPY of your typing certificate for most positions, however, the copy must be legible, issued under International Typing Contest Rules and contain the following information:

  1. The name of the applicant;
  2. The date the typing skills test was administered;
  3. The duration of the typing skills test (5 minutes minimum);
  4. The gross (uncorrected) words per minute (wpm);
  5. The number of errors made (more than 5 errors will not be accepted);
  6. The net (corrected) words typed per minute (Net wpm must be computed as follows; Gross wpm minus 2 wpm for each error.); and
  7. The name of the organization/agency and signature of the person administering the test.