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Fire-Rescue Department

Knox Box Program

The Knox Box Program provides the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department with a quick and easy means to access a secured building or area during an emergency. It also minimizes potential costly repairs caused by forcible entry and allows the building to be re-secured quickly and easily. When access is difficult for emergency responders, the Chief is authorized to require a Knox Box or Key Switch to be installed in an acceptable location. (CFC 2019 Section 506)

Attention!  Follow all steps below before placing an order with the Knox Company. The application fee is to be paid and mailed to the address below (Step 4) or can be dropped off by appointment only

Procedure for ordering a Knox product:


Complete the Knox Product Application.

  • Complete Section I, "Applicant Information"
  • Complete Section II, "Site Information"
  • Complete Section III, "Product Information"


Choose the products you want to order from the Residential or General Product Authorization Order Form. The Residential form is for single family homes only.

  • Complete Sections 1, 4, 5, & 6
  • Do not sign in Section 2


Mail the completed Knox Product Application, Knox Product Authorization Order Form, and a check or money order for $153.00 made out to "City Treasurer" to:

San Diego Fire-Rescue Department

Attn: Knox Program Coordinator

525 B Street, Suite 300

San Diego, CA 92101


Note: There is a one-time City fee per address for Knox product lockups and final inspection.


The San Diego Fire-Rescue Department will process and sign the order form authorizing the installation. The Knox Product Authorization Order Form and receipt will be emailed to the applicant who can then send the Knox Product Authorization Order Form and payment to the Knox Company for the product.



Upon receipt of your Knox Box or Knox Switch, please contact the Knox Program Coordinator to have your keys installed or switch tested. 

Note: If your Knox Box or Knox Switch is the result of a fire inspection, please be aware that your violation will not be cleared until your keys are installed or switch has been tested.



Knox FDC Locking Caps

Fire Department Connections (FDCs) play a critical role in ensuring the safety of a building by allowing the fire department to provide or supplement water pressure to fire protection systems. FDCs are provided with a cap or plug to protect the threads and maintain the integrity of the fire protection system that it supplies. These protective caps are often missing which allows for trash and debris to accumulate inside the FDC, making the system unreliable for use. A compromised FDC can cause a loss in water pressure or complete system failure which puts firefighters and the public at risk.

The Knox Company provides a Knox FDC Locking Cap which is designed to be installed and removed with a specially designed key wrench. Knox FDC Locking Caps can be ordered by anyone, but keys are only obtained by sprinkler contractors and San Diego Fire-Rescue personnel. These caps are required for all new buildings with FDCs and existing buildings, as deemed necessary by San Diego Fire-Rescue personnel.

Procedure for ordering Knox FDC Locking Caps:

Knox FDC Locking Caps are the only Knox product ordered directly through the Knox Company. For ordering please contact the Knox Company at 800-552-5669 or

Refer any questions to the Knox Program Coordinator.