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Fire-Rescue Department

Just for Kids

You are never too young to learn to be fire safe and healthy.

Don't Play with Anything That Can Cause a Fire!

Doesn't that sound simple? You would be surprised at how many children play with things that can start a fire not realizing how fast a fire can grow. So remember:

  • Don't play with matches and lighters.
  • Don't play with firecrackers.
  • Don't use a candle without your parents in the room.
  • Don't play with BBQ starters.
  • Don't light anything on fire to see if it burns. It will and can get out of control in seconds.

Stop, Drop & Roll

Do you know what to do if your clothes catch on fire?

  • Stop immediately.
  • Drop to the ground.
  • Roll over and over, back and forth and cover your face and mouth.

Roll until all the flames are out. Practice STOP, DROP & ROLL so you won't forget it in case of an emergency. You can practice with your family, even your grandparents. STOP, DROP & ROLL is not just for kids.

Crawl Low Under Smoke and Know the Way Out

  • Crawl low to get out of a smoke filled room. The air toward the floor is easier to breathe.
  • You need to plan two ways out of each room before a fire occurs so you'll know where you can safely exit.

Firefighters Are Your Friends

During a fire, the house will become pitch black because of the smoke. The firefighters will look for you. Firefighters wear special equipment so they can help you. Remember no matter how scared you are: Do Not Hide From a Firefighter. Firefighters are there to help you. They will lead you out of the fire to a safe place.

Exit Drills in the Home (E.D.I.T.H.)

Quick, close your eyes. Do you know two ways out of the room you are in right now?

If a fire breaks out in your home, it is important that every member of the family knows what to do. So have a fire escape drill at home!

  • Start by asking your parents to help you make a home fire escape plan.
  • Your family can sit down together and draw a floor plan of your house.
  • Use the floor plan to clearly mark two ways out of every room. Also put a big X where the smoke detector is located.
  • After the drawing is complete, decide where each member of the family will meet outside.
  • Then practice, practice, practice until you can do the drill with your eyes closed.

Make this a family project and have fun with it. Knowing what to do when a fire breaks out can save your life.

Smoke Detectors

Do you know what to do if you hear a smoke detector?

  • Proceed to the nearest exit and leave the building in a calm manner.
  • Public places such as schools and hotels have clearly marked exits and exit routes. Take a few minutes to look at the posted fire exit information. If you do not understand what the signs say, ask an adult to explain them to you.
  • When you are at home it is important to know two exits out of every room.
  • Practice exit drills with your family and follow your plan.