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Lifeguard Services

Boat Mooring & Long Term Boat Beaching

The Permit Center for Developed Regional Parks Division issues permits for two types of long term boat storage on Mission Bay -- moorings and beach bars. The Lifeguard Services enforces the illegal boat moorings and beach bars.


Owners of boats up to twenty-five (25) feet in length may apply for permits to use mooring locations in three areas of Mission Bay -- San Juan Cove, Santa Barbara Cove, and Mariners Basin. The number of mooring spaces is limited. The permit to use an in-water mooring space is non-transferrable, but the physical buoy and tackle are the property of the permit holder.

Long-Term Boat Beaching

In several areas west of Ingraham Street, the Permit Center for Park & Recreation Department/Developed Regional Parks Division maintains small beach areas where boats may be left overnight. These are known as beach bars because permitted boats must be fastened to a long bar in the sand. Most beach bars are limited to vessels fourteen (14) feet or less in length and eight (8) feet wide. On others, maximum vessel length is seventeen (17) feet.

Acquiring a Beach Bar or Mooring Permit

Beach Bars and/or Mooring Permits are available at the Park & Recreation's General Park Use Permits and Applications web page.

For further permit information contact:

Park & Recreation Department
Developed Regional Parks Division
2125 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92101
Telephone: (619) 235-1169

For enforcement issues, contact San Diego Lifeguards at (619) 221-8899.