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Lifeguard Services

Scuba Diving Safety


San Diego's diverse coastline includes sandy beaches, underwater reefs, kelp forests and offshore shipwrecks. Divers from around the world enjoy diving in this unique and fascinating environment.

Daily Diving Conditions

For daily information on diving conditions, as well as the local beach and weather report, call (619) 221-8824. Remember, for the latest information on the area and conditions, check with a lifeguard before diving.

Kelp Forests

Kelp forests are abundant along San Diego's coastline and provide habitat for a large variety of marine life including fish, crustaceans, invertebrates and marine mammals. Some scuba deaths have been attributed to entanglement in kelp. For this reason, it is recommended that divers carry a knife to cut themselves, or their buddies, free.

Shipwrecks and Artificial Reefs

The ocean off San Diego is home to numerous shipwrecks and artificial reefs. A boat is necessary to reach these offshore destinations. Several charter boats offer shark diving in cages in outer coastal waters. Consult the telephone directory.

Reef Diving

San Diego's inshore coastline is rich with reefs that attract a large variety of marine life. La Jolla Cove and the Children's Pool beaches are two of the more popular reefs and offer lifeguard protection. Private dive charter boats are also available for reef diving.

La Jolla Submarine Canyon

A deep submarine canyon is located off La Jolla Shores beach attracting a large number of divers and diving classes. Two branches of the canyon come close to shore, one in the swimming area, the other north of Scripps Pier. Diving here is recommended for experienced divers only due to the depth of the canyon.

Scuba Diving Hazards

Each year scuba divers drown in San Diego County. Too often, drowning can be attributed to poor judgment or inadequate training. Only persons who have been trained and certified should scuba dive. There are numerous local dive shops which offer instruction and certification.

Before diving always check the conditions and be prepared to cancel your dive upon arrival at the dive site if the conditions are hazardous. Never dive alone or after consuming alcohol.