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Office of Emergency Services

Emergency Preparedness Resources

Find resources to help you prepare for emergencies

Because no two disasters are ever the same, all incidents affect people differently. Because of this, it is important to create emergency plans that support one's particular needs. Become prepared for potential disasters by using some of the resources we offer.

Business Emergency Operations Registry

  • Register

    • All vendors and contractors of all sizes are invited to express their interest in potentially performing emergency work for the City. Please note that when an emergency strikes, the City may use emergency procedures to immediately select a vendor or contractor to reopen damaged facilities. The purpose of the registry is to provide a list of vendors and contractors potentially available for emergency goods, services, and work if needed 


Be Prepared

  • Make a Plan

    • Your preparedness to respond to an emergency will depend on the your planning, and the supplies you have ready. Learn how to prepare by building an emergency supply kit and planning for your shelter, vehicle and work space.

  • Build a Kit

    • Ensure that you have all of the resources that you may need in case a disaster strikes.

  • Stay Informed

    • Staying informed is essential to your successful preparedness during an emergency. Visit these resources for information on Current Incidents, Mitigation, Preparedness, Partners, and to learn more about the City of San Diego’s dissemination of emergency incident updates.

  • Get Involved

    • Although you should not self-deploy to a major disaster, it does take a whole community approach, involving residents like you who are committed to neighborhoods, churches, schools, and volunteer organizations to build resilient communities. People who are involved in their community are the key to this disaster resilience. A resilient community is one that can withstand a disaster and get back to normal quickly, even if normal isn’t the same as it was before. Remember, community preparedness starts at home. If you know that your family is prepared at home, you will be better able to help others in your community.

Additional Resources

  • Identify Hazards Relevant to You and Learn which kinds of natural and human-caused disasters pose a risk for your area (earthquakes, fires, floods, etc.). Type your home address into this website from the California Office of Emergency Services to discover the hazards that exist in your area.

  • Ready America is a campaign to educate and empower Americans to prepare for and respond to emergencies, including natural and man-made disasters, and provides:

  • Ready San Diego is another online resource from the County of San Diego, which offers information about how to get alerts and how to better prepare before an emergency.