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Purchasing & Contracting

Emergency Operations Registry

All vendors and contractors of all sizes are invited to express their interest in potentially performing emergency work for the City. Please note that when an emergency strikes, the City may use emergency procedures to immediately select a vendor or contractor to reopen damaged facilities. The purpose of the registry is to provide a list of vendors and contractors potentially available for emergency goods, services and work if needed. All vendors and contractors registered through the may be able to help the City respond to the next emergency by:

  • Reconstructing pavement under emergency conditions.
  • Excavating slopes or constructing embankments.
  • Demolishing damaged structures.
  • Removing and replacing culverts or drains.
  • Providing temporary traffic control.
  • Repairing damaged infrastructures like pipelines and pump stations.
  • Renting heavy equipment.
  • Supplying emergency goods and services to the City on short notice.
  • Cleaning up debris and waste.
  • Providing work and services as required.

As part of the vendor registration process, please complete the Emergency Operations section of your vendor profile on vendor portal.

DISCLAIMER: Registering with the City does not represent any express or implied promise by the City to award emergency contracts now or in the future. The City is not bound to select vendors or contractors from the registry. Data entered will be held in confidence and will not be shared with other firms without the contractor's consent.