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Mayor Gloria’s Latest Grants Report Shows Largest-Ever Awards Level


October 11, 2023


SAN DIEGO – Mayor Todd Gloria announced today that he has released the City’s Fiscal Year FY 2023 citywide grants report, showing that the City was awarded a total of 97 grant awards with a combined total value of $306.5 million.  

That dollar figure amounts to a 4% increase over the previous year, a 51% increase over FY 2021 and the highest level recorded since the City started publishing the report. Since taking office, the Gloria Administration has reported year over year increases in grant applications and awards.   

The federal, state, regional and private grants fund a wide variety of City priorities and activities such as economic development, emergency response preparedness, homelessness services, road and bridge repair, public safety and enhancing water reliability. 

“It’s been a key priority of mine to ensure we’re getting our fair share of resources from all levels of government, and this report shows our success in doing just that,” said Mayor Todd Gloria. “We can all be proud of the progress we’ve made on grants that help the City address key issues such as homelessness, our aging infrastructure, and public safety. We will continue to aggressively pursue all available funding to create a City that truly serves all San Diegans.”  

Since the inaugural grant report, the City has seen continued success in securing grant funding to support and enhance essential City services and capital projects. During his time in office, Mayor Gloria’s administration has seen the total value of citywide grant applications submitted, and awards received, increase year-over-year, with FY 2023 continuing the upward trend.

“The growing success of our grant-writing efforts has allowed the City to supplement its budget and provide much-needed additional funding for key programs and services,” said Eric Dargan, the City’s Chief Operations Officer. “I’m proud of the progress we continue to make in applying for and securing grants to support our operations and critical services.”  

In May of 2019, the City reformed its internal policies to strengthen its grants processes and reporting to improve the transparency and performance of securing funding. The citywide grants management function was consolidated under the Grants Division of the Department of Government Affairs within the Mayor’s Office.   

You can find the FY2023 Citywide Grants Report here.