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Privacy Advisory Board

About Us

The Privacy Advisory Board shall:

(a) Provide advice and technical assistance to the City on best practices to protect resident and visitor privacy rights in connection with the City's acquisition and use of surveillance technology.

(b) Conduct meetings and use other public forums to collect and receive public input on the above subject matter.

(c) Review Surveillance Impact Reports and Surveillance Use Policies for all new and existing surveillance technology and make recommendations prior to the City seeking solicitation of funds and proposals for surveillance technology.

(d) Submit annual reports and recommendations to the City Council regarding: 

(1) The City's use of surveillance technology; and

(2) Whether new City surveillance technology privacy and data retention policies should be developed, or existing policies should be amended.

(e) Provide analysis to the City Council of pending federal, state, and local legislation relevant to the City's purchase and/or use of surveillance technology.

(f) The Privacy Advisory Board shall make reports, findings, and recommendations either to the City Manager or the City Council, as appropriate. The Board shall present an annual written report to the City Council. The Board may submit recommendations to the City Council following submission to the City Manager.

(“Privacy Advisory Board – Duties and Functions” added 4-12-2022 by O-21446 N.S.; effective 5-12-2022.)


It is the purpose and intent of the Council to establish a Privacy Advisory Board to serve as an advisory body to the Mayor and Council on policies and issues related to privacy and surveillance. The Board will provide advice intended to ensure transparency, accountability, and public deliberation in the City’s acquisition and use of surveillance technology.