Building stronger communities through strategic partnerships

We want to create partnerships to reduce barriers and create streamlined processes for public-private partnerships to ensure efficient delivery of public infrastructure that is community-led, meaningful and enjoyable for people of all age groups and abilities.

Strategic Plan Priority Areas of Focus

This initiative focuses on the following priority areas of the Strategic Plan:

Create Homes for All of Us

Strives to leverage partnerships with community-based organizations and other entities to deliver community investments throughout the city that help support existing and new homes.

Protect & Enrich Every Neighborhood

Brings more opportunities for investments that improve people's lives in all neighborhoods.

Advance Mobility & Infrastructure

Enhances and delivers critical connections and infrastructure needed to serve our communities.

Champion Sustainability

Improves partnerships with community-based organizations to deliver walking, rolling, biking, transit, urban greening and other climate-resilient public spaces in our communities.

Current Conditions

Current Conditions

City Planning staff will partner with community-based organizations and community members to enable faster and streamlined delivery of public infrastructure in areas with the greatest needs and the greatest growth. We anticipate working with various city departments and community partners to identify opportunities for greater efficiency, coordination and cooperation. 

As part of this effort, we will identify case studies nationally and locally. These case studies will lay the groundwork for our research. We imagine interviewing community leaders to discover successes and failures when working with the City. This will provide powerful insight into how the community and City have worked together. 

With this in mind, do you have any experiences working on or trying to work on a project with the City? We are gathering examples of these experiences to better understand and identify deficiencies, barriers and opportunities for process improvements. If you do, we would appreciate if you could describe your experience by filling out our survey linked below by July 31st 2023.

Tell Us Your Experience About a Project



A lack of a streamlined process for collaboration on projects.

Missing out on potential funding.

Missed opportunities to build quick, impactful projects.



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Streamlined Process

Stacks of coins

Additional Funding

Artistic swings on display at a community park

Innovative Public Spaces

Community members planning a project

Community Driven Projects

Children playing by a pond at a park

Public Spaces for All Age Groups

Before and after photos of a public street converted to a plaza

Increased Public Spaces



At the heart of this initiative is a commitment to create a better future for our city. We recognize we can achieve much more by working together than we ever could alone. Through collaboration, we can leverage additional funding, coordinate processes and more effectively deliver critical infrastructure to areas that need it most. Through this engagement effort, we aim to:

  • Identify how City departments, community-serving organizations and private interests can best work together to achieve common goals. 
  • Simplify and encourage community investments, which will ultimately help build stronger communities and improve everyone’s quality of life.  

Everyone deserves access to infrastructure and facilities that meet their needs. This effort is a critical component in making this vision a reality. We are excited to work together with our partners to create a better future for our city, and we are committed to making a positive impact that will endure for years to come. 

We hope to promote the construction of projects that are:

Children on a playground


Community members collaborating on a project


Child playing on a playground

Quick to Implement

Community members painting art on a pavement

Reflective of Community Needs and Wants

Making Partnering for Progress a Reality

Making Partnering for Progress a Reality

Planning coordinator leading a discussion with community members

Identify Case Studies

Stakeholders in a discussion

Interview Stakeholders

Volunteers working on maps

Conduct Mapping and Gap Analysis

Planning coordinator leading a discussion with community members

Create the Framework for Streamlined Processes

Identify clear processes and procedures to simplify and encourage community investments in partnership with outside organizations.

Coordinate with other City departments and engage with community-based organizations to identify opportunities for greater efficiency, coordination and cooperation.

Establish a framework for potential changes to existing City plans, policies and regulations.

Streamline the delivery of critically needed infrastructure, particularly in traditionally underserved communities and areas experiencing the most growth.

Leverage additional funding through partnerships with community-based organizations and private entities to support infrastructure projects.

Quick-Build Pilot Project

Quick Build Pilot Project

At the conclusion of this initiative, we want to work with community organizations to deploy a quick-build project in a neighborhood. These types of projects are usually small-scale, community-led and temporary. They are meant to show what a future investment could look like, as well as inspire more permanent change.

Partnering for Progress Timeline

The comprehensive timeline outlines the different stages of initiation, public outreach and engagement as well as the strategy and framework development that will occur over the next few years. In Winter 2023, initial preparation steps for the partnering for progress initiative were completed. In Spring 2023, the initiation process commences. Public outreach and engagement will take place from Summer 2023 through the middle of Winter 2024. In the middle of the public and engagement process, draft documents and opportunities to incorporate feedback will be provided during Fall 2023. In the last months of the public engagement process, framework and strategies will be finalized in Winter 2024. Implementation of a pilot project will be conducted from Winter 2024 to Spring 2024.


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Get Involved
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As these important policies are further developed, the City would like to learn how you would like to stay engaged. Please take a moment to complete the form linked below.

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To facilitate learning about the Partnering for Progress initiative, easily sharable materials have been developed and are linked below.

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