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Noise Complaints

The City of San Diego Municipal Code, Section 59.5.04 states reduced noise levels must be maintained within the City of San Diego generally between the hours of 10 p.m. - 7 a.m. in residential zones.

What Can I Do About...?

Noisy Neighbors

While the noise is occurring, call the non-emergency line at 619-531-2000. If the noise has ceased by the time the officers arrive, then they cannot take enforcement action unless you are willing to sign a complaint.

If you are experiencing an ongoing conflict with your neighbors, there are a few steps you can take to try to resolve the issues:

  • Give a courtesy knock
  • Contact the landlord
  • File a noise complaint
  • Try mediation. In mediation, disputing parties meet with trained, impartial mediators to resolve their problems. Contact the National Conflict Resolution Center at 619-238-2400.

Barking Dogs in My Neighborhood

The San Diego Police Department does not respond to calls about barking dogs. Complainants can try talking to the owner, contacting the landlord or mediation through the National Conflict Resolution Center at 619-238-2400.

You can also submit a Request for Investigation to City of San Diego Code Enforcement.

Vehicle Alarms

While the noise is occurring, call the non-emergency line at 619-531-2000.

Vehicle alarms are addressed in the City of San Diego Municipal Code, section 59.5.0503 (Burglar Alarms):

  • Audible burglar alarms for structures or motor vehicles are prohibited unless the operation of such burglar alarms can be terminated within 20 minutes of being activated.
  • Notwithstanding the requirements of this provision, any member of the Police Department of the City of San Diego shall have the right to take such steps as may be reasonable and necessary to disconnect any such alarm installed in any building, dwelling or motor vehicle at any time during the period of its activation.

Chronic Party Houses - Community Assisted Party Program (CAPP)

The San Diego Police Department's Community Assisted Party Program (CAPP) aims to curb nuisance behavior at chronic party houses.

A house can be CAPP'd for several reasons, including:

  • Two or more First Response Notices received within 60 calendar days or a Second Response Notice is issued.

    • A First Response Notice is similar to a written warning indicating that officers have responded and residents on the property are educated on the notice.

    • A Second Response Notice is the second occurrence of the violation within a 24-hour period.

  • A single Minor in Possession of alcohol citation is issued at a party

  • A single Social Host violation is issued at a party.

  • A violent crime is committed at a party or resulting from a party.

  • A misdemeanor or felony arrest as a result of a party.

  • NOTE: A house cannot receive a CAPP designation simply for parking, traffic or littering.

If a residence receives a CAPP designation:

  • Officers will show zero tolerance when responding to all future party calls, which may result in direct enforcement.
  • All responsible parties will receive an Administrative Citation for any valid follow-up noise complaints.
    • An Administrative Citation is a $1,000 fine and the process is civil, as opposed to criminal. Offenders may seek an appeal to the citation.
    • Administrative Citations are not reserved solely for a CAPP-designated house and may be issued at the discretion of the responding officer(s). Factors may include history of similar incidents at the location, cooperation/attitude of party hosts and guests, severity of the noise relative to time of day, ambient noise, proximity to neighbors, etc. and use of alcohol and ease of its access.

If a house is CAPP'd, it will remain on the CAPP list for 1 year, regardless of occupant changes.

While the party is occurring, call the non-emergency line at 619-531-2000. If the party has ceased by the time the officers arrive, then they may not be able to take enforcement action.

Other Noise Complaints

You can submit noise complaints about animals, equipment/machinery, construction or other offensive noise in your neighborhood to City of San Diego Code Enforcement via their Request for Investigation form.