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Library Master Plan

More Than Words: A Community VisionYucan Chiu with 2-year old daughter at North UC Community Library

On November 6, 2023, the San Diego City Council unanimously approved the Library Master Plan. Thank you to the more than 11,000 San Diegans who participated in surveys, focus groups, and a series of listening session at every location during the plan’s five years of development. This broad community input helped build this long-range vision and strategy for library facilities, technology, and programming.

The plan presents an aspirational vision for the San Diego Public Library where the library and its services are equitable, engaging and experiential, geographically accessible everywhere, and empowered with the necessary resources to thrive. The plan also provides a detailed plan to modernize branches, meet growing community needs, and become more geographically available across San Diego.

The Library Master Plan is the result of a partnership between San Diego Public Library and Library Foundation SD.


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