Transit TuesdayTransit Tuesday

The City of San Diego is challenging San Diegans to participate in #TransitTuesday!

Avoid the stress of bumper to bumper traffic and get on your way to a stress-free, healthy and inexpensive commute – just try it once a week!

Public Transit

Trying transit has never been easier – you can do almost everything from your smart phone, from planning a trip to buying a ticket.

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Bus Passenger


Biking is a cost-effective, healthy and fun way to get around.

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Bike Rack


Skip the traffic and coast through the carpool lane with a friend.

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Bigger than a car and smaller than a bus, vanpools bring five or more people together in a roomy SUV or van to share commuting costs.

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Walking is a great way to get where you need to go, especially for shorter distances!

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Pedestrian Walking with Groceries on Sidewalk

Guaranteed Ride Home

Ride Share App

If you bike, walk, carpool, vanpool or take public transit, you can breathe easy knowing you have a guaranteed ride home in the event of unscheduled overtime, illness, or emergency.

Register for Guaranteed Ride Home at and get a free ride home in an Uber, taxi or rental car up to three times per year.

I-15 Express Lanes

Express Lanes

If you carpool, vanpool, ride a motorcycle or have a DMV-certified Clean Air Vehicle, you can take the I-15 Express Lanes for free.

The I-15 Express Lanes provide 20 miles of stress-free travel between State Routes 78 and 163.

Hop on at a direct access ramp (Escondido, Del Lago, Rancho Bernardo, Sabre Springs or Miramar College transit stations) or join at any of the other 16 access points along the way.

Transit Tuesday

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