Transit TuesdayTransit Tuesday

Public Transit

This Tuesday, consider taking the bus, trolley or Coaster commuter train. Trying transit has never been easier – you can do almost everything from your smart phone!

Transit Tips

Google Maps IconGoogle Maps

Find which bus to take to your destination with Google Maps, available on Android and iOS. Choose a starting point and destination and you'll see a list of possible service routes and your total journey time.

Google Maps Help

Download Google Maps:
Download Google Maps from Google Play Download Google Maps from the App Store

Bus Bike RackBikes Ride Free

Traveling your first or last mile by bike? No problem! Secure your bike to the front rack of the bus, or put it in an undercarriage compartment on Rapid Express routes (buses can accept up to two bikes). In the trolley you can stand with your bike.

More info about how to bring your bike on public transit can be found here.