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Family biking on 30thVision Zero

Vision Zero is a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries in San Diego. Vision Zero San Diego fosters stronger collaboration between traffic planners, engineers, police officers, policymakers, public health professionals, community groups and residents to create a strategy that promotes safe modes of mobility for all. Learn more about Vision Zero San Diego

Bicycle Safety Test and Tips

Three Feet for Safety Act (AB 1371)

California state law requires drivers who pass cyclists from behind to keep their vehicles 3 feet away for safety. Learn more about AB 1371.

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Crosswalk

Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Crosswalks help pedestrians and bicyclists cross mid-block across high traffic roadways.

Bicycle Repair and Maintenance

The San Diego Public Library’s Bike Kitchen offers videos to help maintain and repair your bicycle. A self-serve Bike Repair Station, constructed by local Eagle Scouts, is located at the City's Miramar Reservoir.

Alternative Vehicle Information

The San Diego Police Department’s Alternative Vehicles brochure includes information and regulations regarding motorized scooters, mopeds and motorized bicycles, electric bicycles and electronically motorized boards.