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General Information

Two kids and one adult on bicycles

The City’s Bicycle Program focuses on developing and maintaining the safest and most convenient bikeway system possible as defined in the Bicycle Master Plan (see below) or Community Plan. One of the goals of the City’s Climate Action Plan is to increase cycling mode share to 10% by 2035 of all San Diego residents’ trips.

Additionally, the City works closely with motorized bicycle and scooter sharing companies to make these vehicles a safe option for the public. The City initiated a bicycle and scooter sharing program to help reduce the distance needed to travel between transit stops and destinations.

Bicycle Master Plan

The City of San Diego is committed to supporting bicycling as a form of mobility and recreation. As part of the long-term vision contained in the General Plan, the City supports the planning and development of bicycle-friendly development projects, streets and neighborhoods for both commuter and recreational riders. To this end, the City has adopted a Citywide Bicycle Master Plan.

The Bicycle Master Plan serves as a policy document to guide the development and maintenance of bicycle facilities throughout the City. The policies in the Bicycle Master Plan address all issues related to San Diego's bikeways such as planning, community involvement, utilization of existing resources, facility design, safety and education, funding and more.

Mobility Board

The City Council dissolved the Bicycle Advisory Committee in 2018. A new Mobility Board was approved in 2019. The Mobility Board analyzes transportation decision-making in a holistic way to help the City ensure that people driving, walking, bicycling, taking transit, parking or using other transportation modes will have safe, easy-to-use choices to move around the City. The Board will help ensure the development of the City’s transportation network meets the City’s Climate Action Plan goals.