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The San Diego Public Library will host its 4th How-To Festival on Saturday, May 18th, 2019 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m! The How-To Festival is an interactive community educational event with something for everyone and for all ages. Twenty participating library locations include: Allied Gardens/Benjamin, Balboa, Central, Clairemont, Logan, Mira Mesa, Mission Hills, Mountain View/Beckwourth, North Clairemont, North University Community, Oak Park, Ocean Beach, Otay Mesa, Pacific Beach, Point Loma, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Penasquitos, Scripps Miramar Ranch, Serra Mesa-Kearny Mesa, and Skyline Hills.
Participating libraries will host a variety of free community presentations and workshops throughout the day. Last year, attendees learned everything from how to dance the flamenco, how to grow a mini urban garden, how to overcome stress, how to arrange flowers, how to wear a kimono, and much more.
As a celebration of experiential and peer-to-peer learning, the How-To Festival presenters are community experts from all walks of life.
YOU can be a part of this amazing, city-wide community event! Can you teach others HOW TO DO something in a fun and entertaining fashion? Can you demonstrate it in 20 or 45 minutes? Can you make it hands-on with audience participation? If that's a YES from you, please apply to present as a volunteer at the 4th annual How-To Festival on Saturday, May 18, 2019.
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  Check below for previous workshops from the 2018 How-To Festival.

Saturday, May 26th, 2018 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Select library branch to see complete schedule:


Allied Gardens/Benjamin Library

5188 Zion Ave.
San Diego, CA 92120 | (619) 533-3970
Photo of lavender flowers
12:00 pm | How to Use Aromatherapy in Your Life
Presenter: Dina | Have you ever been curious about how to incorporate the benefits of aromatherapy in your life? This presentation will provide all the information you need to get started with this beneficial practice that helps promote the health of the body, mind and spirit. (45 mins)
1:00 pm | How to Save a Life with Emergency First Aid skills
Presenter: Loralee Olejnik | Learn basic lifesaving emergency response skills such as CPR, how to use an AED, bleeding control, tourniquets, and Epi Pens in this interactive and informative session. (20 mins)
1:30 pm | How to Make Slime
Presenter: Susanne Koski| Making slime is a trendy & popular activity for kids! Join me as I show you how easy it is to make & wow your kids!! (20 mins)
2:00 pm | How to Make a Nutritious Smoothie Your Kids Will Love (patio)
Presenter: Kathryn Johnson| Is your child a picky eater? Is it a struggle to get your children to eat vegetables? Join us for a tasty demonstration of smoothie preparation that is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. (20 mins)
2:00 pm | How to Buy or Sell a Home in Today’s Market
Presenter: Denisse Newell| Participants will gain insight into the dos and don’ts of home buying and selling including how to sell your home without a realtor. Denisse will also talk about specialized financing programs and how to transfer your low property taxes under Prop 60. (45 mins)

Balboa Library

4255 Mt. Abernathy Ave.
San Diego, CA 92117 | (858) 573-1390
Photo of a person knitting
11:00 am | How to Knit
Presenter: Joan Hathaway | Learn basic knitting steps, how to purchase supplies and see examples of easy knitting projects. (45 mins)
12:00 pm | How to Make a Simple Clay Creation
Presenter: Michelle Reents | Make a decorative clay creation such as a Bunny “garden stake,” trinket bowl with blue bird, or cacti, using Crayola Model Magic. (30 mins)
12:40 pm | How to Fold Napkins for Dinner
Presenter: Michael Dwyer | Several easy ways will be shown to fold napkins to enhance your dinner party. (20 mins)
1:00 pm | How to Paint a Sunflower with Watercolors
Presenter: Lazulli Artisan | Learn to paint a sunflower using watercolors. (45 mins)
2:00 pm | How to Make Fun Stationery with Recycled Books
Presenter: Rosario Obregon | Make different size cards and envelopes out of recycled paper. Add your personal touch, have fun and recycle! (45 mins)

Central Library

330 Park Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92101 | (619) 236-5800
Photo of airplants in a round glass container
11:00 am | How to Dance the Flamenco
Presenter: Kymberly Mueller |Learn an exciting and traditional Spanish dance with La Kymberlina. (20 mins)
11:00 am | How to Play CryptoKitties
Presenter: Virginia Hire Damrauer |Dive into playing one of the world’s first blockchain games. Create your own unique CryptoKitty. Limited supplies. (20 mins)
11:00 am | How to Read Tarot Cards
Presenter: Gabriela Cardenas |Learn how to practice a tarot card reading and gain insight into the past, present, and future. (45 mins)
11:30 am | How to Grow Air Plants
Presenter: Vu Do | Roll up your sleeves and learn how to grow and care for air plants. Take home air plants will be available. Limited supplies. (20 mins)
11:30 am | How to Make Awesome Group Music
Presenter: Kerem Brulé | Learn how to create improvisational group music. (45 mins)
11:30 am | How to Get that Laugh
Presenter: Michael Klarreich| Humor is the spice of life. Learn how to make contagious laughter. (20 mins)

12:00 pm | How to be a Marine Biologist

Presenter: Andrew Rosales | Join a park ranger from Cabrillo National Monument to learn about the Rocky Intertidal Ecosystem. (20 mins)
12:00 pm| How to Survive a Natural Disaster
Presenter: Chevard Johnson | Learn how to survive a natural disaster using a shipping container as a shelter. (45 mins)
12:30 pm| How to Arrange a Home Exchange Either Within the U. S. or in Another Country
Presenter: Brock Fisher | Home exchange is a wonderful way to see other parts of our country or other countries by living in someone else's home while they live in yours. (45 mins)
1:00 pm | How To Create a Powerful PowerPoint Presentation
Presenter: Arnie García | Learn the “do’s” and “don’ts” of creating an effective Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. (45 mins)
1:00 pm | How To Life Coach Yourself
Presenter: Lisa Sawicki | Find the key to living your best life by learning easy and effective daily skills. (45 mins)
2:00 pm | How To Write a Memoir
Presenter: Marni Freedman | Learn how to powerfully tell your life story. (45 mins)
2:00 pm | How To Maintain Peace, Health, and Well-Being with Laughter Yoga
Presenter: Antolin Rodriguez | Learn the importance of laughter in maintaining holistic health and creating joy, happiness, and peace. (45 mins)
2:00 pm | How To Sell on Amazon
Presenter: Katharyne Shelton | Make some cash by learning how to sell products on Amazon. (45 mins)

Clairemont Library

2920 Burgener Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92110 | (858) 581-9935
Photo of finance chart
11:00 am | How to Work Toward Protecting Your Investments
Presenter: Christopher Kemp | Financial advice on how to protect your investments including socially responsible investment options for soon-to-retire and retired individuals. (45 mins)
12:00 pm | How to Overcome Stress
Presenter: Sheila Henry | Short exercises and audience participation demonstrate the effects of stress and then learn a hands-on exercise that immediately reduces stress. (45 mins)
1:00 pm | How to Heal Back Pain Naturally
Presenter: Josh Jagoda | Fact: 80% of people will suffer debilitating low back pain at some point in their life and it is one of the most commonly treated injuries in medicine. Learning how to combat back pain before it happens is key for living a healthier life. This lecture will open up concepts that not only help low back pain, but that can be applied to all areas of the body. It is designed to give viewers ideas and concepts that will empower their life. (45 mins)
2:00 pm | How to Cook Using the Sun
Presenter: Lynda Marika | Watch a live demonstration of solar cookers and learn how they are used throughout the world. (weather permitting) (20 mins)

Mira Mesa Library

8405 New Salem St.
San Diego, CA 92126 | (858) 538-8165
Photo of two green potted plants
11:00 am | How to Create Paper Folding Art with Recycled Books
Presenter: Lois Horowitz | Learn how to fold pages using recycled books to create interesting shapes and artistic designs. (20 mins)
12:00 pm | How to Decorate an Ukrainian Egg
Presenter: Maria Kuss | Learn the art of decorating an Ukrainian Egg. (45 mins)
1:00 pm | How to Keep Love Alive
Presenter: Anne Goshen | Learn the seven essential elements for a healthy, long-lasting relationship. (45 mins)
2:00 pm | How to Grow Your Own Mini Urban Garden
Presenter: Lisa Pieropan | Learn how you can grow vegetables in the tiniest spaces, even if you have never planted a seed before! Produce your own food, always have edibles on hand, interact with nature, and experience the nourishment that emerges from the work of your own hands. (45 mins)

Mission Hills Library

925 W. Washington St.
San Diego, CA 92103 | (619) 692-4910
Photo of laptop
11:00 am | How to Crochet
Presenter: Christine Workman | Practice the basics during this introduction to crocheting for the absolute beginner. Hooks and yarn will be provided. (45 mins)
12:00 pm | How to Build a Vision Board You’ll Love
Presenter: Rachel Christensen | Learn how to make a vision board using a variety of images to help conceptualize your dreams and goals. (45 mins)
1:00 pm | How to Wear a Head Wrap
Presenter: Renita Payno | Get tips on wearing a head wrap. (20 mins)
1:30 pm | How to Web Search Better
Presenter: Christine Photinos | Discover techniques to make your Web searching more effective. (20 mins)
2:00 pm | How to Be a Peaceful Parent
Presenter: Lisa Howe | Learn to stay calm and raise children with empathy and acceptance. (45 mins)

Mountain View/Beckwourth Library

721 San Pasqual St.
San Diego, CA 92113 | (619) 527-3404
Photo of yellow origami boat
11:00 am | How to Cross Stitch on Perforated Paper
Presenter: Angela Morrissey | Do you like embroidery? How about making beautiful artwork? You will learn to use embroidery thread to cross stitch on a chart to create your own unique motif on perforated paper. (45 mins)
12:00 pm | How to do Origami
Presenter: Ben Cayetano | Learn the timeless art of folding paper. Join us in learning how create a plethora of animals, shapes and designs with nothing but your hands and a piece of paper. (45 mins)
1:00 pm | How to Write a One Act Play
Presenter: Gina Jackson | Participants will learn the key elements of theatre and playwriting, and how to put those elements into the one-act play format. (45 mins)
2:00 pm | How to Make Bath Bombs
Presenter: Taylor Addison | Learn about the skills, techniques and ingredients for making bath bombs. (20 mins)
2:30 pm| How to Make it Spin
Presenter: Chery Streeter| Kids will have the opportunity to create and design their very own spinning STEAM craft (30 mins)

Otay Mesa-Nestor Library

3003 Coronado Ave.
San Diego, CA 92154 | (619) 424-0474
Photo of hands with essential oil
11:00 am | How to Make a Bracelet
Presenter: Laura Gomez | Learn to make a lovely charm bracelet for yourself or for a friend. (45 mins)
11:00 am | How to Shoot Photographs using Natural Light with Your Cell Phone
Presenter: Lucia Denton | Learn how to use natural lighting to take cell phone pictures. (45 mins)
12:00 pm | How to Draw in 3D
Presenter: James Jepsen | Learn step-by-step three dimensional designs of letters, symbols, or shapes. (45 mins)
12:00 pm | How to Paint an Abstract Greeting Card
Presenter: Jaylin Bailey | Students will learn to paint an abstract card using various techniques and water color paints. (20 mins)
12:30 pm | How to Make Belgian Buckwheat Waffles
Presenter: Coco Ríos Fidel | Learn the basic ingredients needed for creating lip-smacking Belgian Buckwheat Waffles. (45 mins)
1:00 pm | How to Create a T-shirt Scarf
Presenter: Patricia Brijandez | Learn step-by-step how to create an awesome scarf using your best worn t-shirt material. Although materials will be provided, you may bring you own t-shirt. (45 mins)
1:00 pm | How to Create a Spending Plan
Presenter: Juanita Villalvazo | How much do you need to earn to be stress free with your monthly debt? How do you stretch your income to be self-sufficient? This workshop will provide tools and helpful tips. (45 mins)
2:00 pm | How to Use Essential Oils to Provide a Soothing Hand Massage
Presenter: Nancy Yeskett | In the ultimate hands-on experience, you’ll use certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils to learn a soothing, beneficial hand massage technique. Bring a friend or make a new one and enjoy a positive, uplifting experience designed to incorporate aromatherapy, essential oils and the human touch. (45 mins)
2:00 pm | How to Make a Toothbrush Rug or Trivet
Presenter: Tina Skirvin | Using one-inch cotton sheet strips of material, you will learn how to make your own hot pot trivet or rug. Bring your own used sheet from home, however, a starter kit will be provided. (45 mins)

Pacific Beach Library

4275 Cass St.
San Diego, CA 92109 | (858) 581-9934
Photo of woman wearing a kimono
11:00 am | How to Make Perfect Pancakes from Scratch
Presenter: Robert Lanuza | Learn how to make perfect pancakes from scratch. Once you learn how to make the perfect pancake, you will be able to make any variety of pancake easily, without fear! (45 mins)
11:00 am | How to Make Flowers Look Good Enough to Eat
Presenter: Mary Bloom | Learn how to arrange flowers to look like ice cream. (45 mins)
12:00 pm | How to Wear a Kimono
Presenter: Kazumi Duran | A demonstration of how to put on and wear a traditional Japanese kimono. (45 mins)
12:00 pm | How to Make Spam Musubi
Presenter: Christina Wainwright | See how to make Spam Musubi, a popular snack in Hawaii, then make your own to eat! (45 mins)
1:00 pm | How to Complete an Advanced Health Care Directive
Presenter: Barbara Bailey | Explore the purpose of a written Advance Directive, how to select a health care agent, and how to complete the document. (45 mins)
1:00 pm | How to Start a Little Free Library
Presenter: Kathy Hargrove | Get ideas on how to build your own library or put a kit together, and learn how to build more Community in your neighborhood. (20 mins)
1:30 pm | How to Reduce Chemicals in Your Home
Presenter: Leah Sorensen | Learn about the dangers of chemicals in common household products and how to utilize natural ingredients to replace many everyday items. (20 mins)
2:00 pm | How to Make the Best Chili Ever!
Presenter: Daniel Van Buskirk | Demonstration of the process, ingredients and special techniques. Will have free samples of chili for tasting. (45 mins)

Rancho Peñasquitos Library

13330 Salmon River Rd.
San Diego, CA 92129 | (858) 538-8159
Photo of dog with dog treat on nose
11:00 am | How to Let Go of Your Fears
Presenter: Shika Rastogi | Learn to be ok with your fears and love them so that they become transformed into love and confidence. (45 mins)
11:00 am | How to Dance Salsa
Presenter: Liz Tarnove | Everyone can learn the basics of how to dance Salsa. (20 mins)
11:00 am | How to Build a Robot on Wheels
Presenter: 8742 Robotechs| A demonstration for kids on how to build a simple robot using nuts, screws, and metal bars, as well as simple coding to drive the robots around with a joystick controller. Recommended for ages 11-18. (45 mins)
11:30 am | How to Sew a Button
Presenter: Debbie McCallum | Hands-on demonstration on the basics of how to sew on a button or mend a hem. Watch, and then try your own! (20 mins)
12:00 pm | How to Pay for College
Presenter: Cal Coast Credit Union | Learn about the different options available to pay for college. (45 mins)
12:00 pm | How to Tie-Dye a T-shirt
Presenter: Liz Tarnove | Make a simple spiral tie-dye pattern on a white t-shirt. All materials provided. (45 mins)
12:00 pm | How to Design Your Own Family Board Game
Presenter: Laura Hoffman | Watch a demonstration of how to use your imagination along with re-purposed items to create a board game that is meaningful and FUN to play for your entire family. (45 mins)
1:00 pm | How to Use the End of Life Option
Presenter: Mitsuo | Learn about the recently approved California law and how it can be used at the end of life. (20 mins)
1:30 pm | How to Learn the ABCs of American Sign Language
Presenter: Jackie Harris | Experience an introduction to what American Sign Language is and learn who benefits from it (HINT: everyone does!). (20 mins)
1:00 pm | How to be an Urban Sketcher
Presenter: Tricia de Luna | Guided lecture on sketching the urban landscape. All materials provided. (45 mins)
1:00 pm | How to Teach Your Dog to do Simple Tricks
Presenters: Willa, Courtney, Annie | A demonstration of how to train your own dog to do simple tricks that can be learned easily and quickly such as sit, down, shake hands, touch nose to object, weave through handler’s legs, and jump through a hula hoop. (45 mins)
2:00 pm | How to Make Organic Pet Food Treats for Dogs and Cats
Presenter: Kate Glenn | Watch Kate show how to make three types of organic pet treats with fresh and healthy options from your own kitchen—and save money as well! (20 mins)
2:30 pm | How to Make a Monster Cupcake
Presenter: Adrianne Peterson | Kids will learn how to transform a simple cupcake into the monster of their dreams! All materials provided. (20 mins)

San Carlos Library

7265 Jackson Drive
San Diego, CA 92119 | (619) 527-3430
Photo of flowers
11:00 am | How To Make Dog Biscuits
Presenter: Kelly Pepo | Learn recipes and preparation tips for homemade dog treats. (20 mins)
11:30 am | How to Talk about Books You’ve Never Read
Presenter: Sarah Hendy-Jackson | Learn the art of “non-reading” and how to enjoy and talk about all the books you don’t actually read. (45 mins)
12:30 pm | How To Make a Shutterfly Scrapbook
Presenter: Eileen Huffer | Learn how to get started with Shutterfly and make a digital photo scrapbook. (20 mins)
1:00 pm | How To Create a ‘Zine
Presenter: Stephanie Kern | Zines are self-published, noncommercial, DIY magazines. Learn how to make your own mini zine with an 8 1/2" by 11" piece of paper. (20 mins)
1:30 pm | How To Make Delicious Vegan Cookies
Presenter: Sarah Hendy-Jackson | Learn a great recipe for an easy—and delicious!—vegan cookie. (20 mins)
2:00 pm | How To Arrange Flowers
Presenter: Marjorie Myers | Come learn how to arrange flowers and even enter a show from one of the members of the San Carlos Garden Club. (45 mins)

Serra Mesa-Kearny Mesa Library

9005 Aero Drive
San Diego, CA 92123 | (858) 573-1396
Photo of a person playing the piano
11:00 am | How to Fold Origami
Presenters: Kent Tran and Marisa Carlson-Flores| Learn how to create boats, hearts, cranes, cats, dollar rings and more with just paper. (20 mins)
11:30 am | How to Rock Paint
Presenter: Lynn Kirk |Hear how the Serra Mesa Rocks group got started and learn about the basic concept and skills of rock painting. Limited supplies are available for participants. Take your painted rock home with you. (45 mins)
12:00 pm | How to Do Soccer Tricks
Presenter: Robert Pierce | Learn fancy soccer tricks and skill exercises for kids in a fun way. (45 mins)
1:00 pm | How to Brush Paint
Presenter: Michiyo Kirkpatrick | Learn the techniques of Japanese ink painting called Sumi-e, starting with an explanation of supplies (Sumi stick, brush, paper and grinding stone) and followed by a demonstration of basic brush strokes. (45 mins)
2:00 pm | How to Play Piano
Presenter: Helena Wei | Learn the basics on how to play the piano. Fundamentals on posture, hand position, and musical elements will be explored. Come, enjoy and have fun with your first piece on the piano. Keyboard will be provided. (45 mins)

Tierrasanta Library

4985 La Cuenta Dr.
San Diego, CA 92124 | (858) 573-1384
Photo of woman stretching
11:00 am | How to Make a Paper Flower
Presenter: Amy Rudolph | Learn how to make a simple, beautiful flower out of colored paper. (45 mins)
12:00 pm | How to Align Your Body and Get a Good Stretch
Presenter: Lisa Matt | Participants will learn how to do basic stretching poses that align the ankles, hips and shoulders. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat if you have one; a few mats may be available for use. Recommended for ages 12 & up. (45 mins)
12:00 pm | How to Make a Draw Bot (a drawing robot)
Presenter: Gail Levine | Watch a demonstration of how to create a drawing 'robot' with simple materials, most of which can be found around the house. (20 mins
1:00 pm | How to Do Computer Coding: An Introduction
Presenter: Jennifer Rubio | Students will get an introduction to coding and learn basic concepts like programming and algorithms. Recommended for ages 10-13. (45 mins)
1:00 pm | How to Make a Bird’s Nest Charm
Presenter: Judy Cunningham | Enjoy a demonstration of how to make a bird’s nest charm, using jewelry wire and beads. (20 mins)
2:00 pm | How to Make a Patriotic Bracelet Using Memory Wire
Presenter: Judy Cunningham | Make a patriotic bracelet using memory wire and red, white and blue beads. Recommended for ages 12 & up. Supplies and space are limited. (45 mins)
2:00 pm | How to Buy or Sell a House or Condo in San Diego, Even in This “Expensive” Market
Presenter: Jordan Schaffner | This how to presentation will walk potential buyers and sellers through the steps to legitimately buying homes and condos in the community. The audience will have the option to ask questions. | (45 min)
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