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About Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement works in partnership with the people of San Diego to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment; to improve the quality of San Diego's neighborhoods through education, enforcement, and abatement; and to respond to community concerns and attain code compliance while maintaining high professional standards and continually seeking improvements and innovations.

Code Enforcement is a division of the Development Services Department.

Code Enforcement Phone Directory

Invoice Payment Information

The Code Enforcement Division’s issues invoices for payment of penalties, fines, and other items, including:

  • Administrative Citations
  • Civil Penalties
  • Fines
  • Reinspection Fees
  • PVPO Registration Fees
  • Other items as required

These invoices are sent via individual mailings, and contain specific payment instructions and notices.

Appeal Information

Some enforcement remedies issued by the Code Enforcement Division have rights of appeal.  Such remedies always specify these rights and timeframes within the document issued, therefore it is important to fully read the documents to understand the individual situation.  Questions should be directed to the assigned investigator/inspector as listed on the remedy issued.  

Appeals of items issued by the Code Enforcement Division include:

  • Administrative Citations
  • Administrative Abatement Notice & Order
  • Notice of Boarded and Vacant Structure Penalty
  • Intent to Record a Notice of Violation
  • Relocation Cost for Notice and Order to Vacate
  • San Diego Police Department Noise Citations

All appeals must include the name, phone number and valid address of the person filing the appeal. The appellant is responsible for notifying the department of any change in address.

Administrative Hearings 

Administrative Hearings are specifically authorized or required by municipal ordinances contained in Chapter 1 of the San Diego Municipal Code that govern administrative enforcement actions.  As specified, such hearings are conducted by an independent hearing officer pursuant to the San Diego Municipal Code.   Administrative Hearings scheduled by the Code Enforcement Division include:

  • Appeal Hearings
  • Civil Penalty Hearings
  • Hearings to Show Cause
  • Cost Confirmation Hearings
  • Other items as required

The Administrative Hearing Officer is authorized to assess reasonable administrative costs, in addition to request penalties or fines.  Administrative costs may include, but are not limited to:  staff time to investigate and document violations; laboratory, photographic, and other expenses incurred to document or establish the existence of a violation; scheduling and processing of the administrative hearing; and all related actions.  

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