Noise Abatement

PDF icon Construction Noise Permit: A construction noise permit is required for construction activity between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Because excessive noise can be harmful to the health and welfare of citizens, the City of San Diego prohibits excessive and annoying noise within City limits. The City's Noise Ordinance (San Diego Municipal Code, PDF icon Section 59.5.01) defines noise and regulates it by type, land-use zone, and time of day.

Events or actions may be prohibited if they cause a noise disturbance.

Noise Disturbance Examples

Continuously barking dogs and excessively noisy birds or small animals. For more information, review Animal Noise Frequently Asked Questions.

A Request for Investigation meeting the required parameters must first be filed in order to open a case. When directed to do so by the assigned investigator, please complete the Record of Barking Dog or Other Noise Activity form and provide to Code Enforcement in order to assist with further enforcement action. PDF icon statement here .

Noisy construction equipment and signaling devices not being used for a danger warning. For more information regarding construction noise, please refer to PDF icon San Diego Municipal Code Section 59.5.0404 .

Maintenance equipment, stationary delivery trucks on private property, industrial/commercial mechanical units, air-conditioning units and other miscellaneous equipment must be operated within the applicable sound level limits.

  • In some cases, the manufacturer must be contacted to provide information on how to minimize the equipment noise.