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Councilmember Kent Lee (District 6)

Kent Lee & Staff

Councilmember Kent Lee
Kent Lee (he/him)
Councilmember District 6
Languages: Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese)
Sara Kamiab
Sara Kamiab (she/her)
Chief of Staff
Languages: Japanese & Farsi
Makana Rowan
Makana Rowan (he/him)
Deputy Chief of Staff
Angeli Hoyos
Angeli Hoyos (she/her)
Chief of Policy
Katherine Johnston
Katherine Johnston (she/her)
Strategic Advisor
Dustin Nguyen
Dustin Nguyen (he/him)
Director of Community Engagement
Languages: Vietnamese
*Currently on military leave
Gretchen Vanipally
Gretchen Vanipally  (she/her)
Communications Manager
Madison Coleman
Madison Coleman (she/her)
Policy Advisor
Communities: Scripps Ranch, Kearny Mesa & Convoy District

Ana Isabel Serrano (she/ella)
Council Representative
Communities: Mira Mesa, Miramar, Sorrento Valley
Languages: Spanish
Zach Burton
Zach Burton (he/him)
Council Representative
Community: University City



Henry Taylor-Goalby
Jacob Ricketts (he/him)
Languages: Filipino (Tagalog)

Tracy Nguyen
Tracy Nguyen (she/they)
Languages: Vietnamese

Angela Ortner (she/her)
Languages: Japanese & Spanish
Henry Taylor-Goalby
Henry Taylor-Goalby (he/him)
Meghan Traynor
Meghan Traynor (she/her)
Languages: Spanish & Portuguese

Saigel Ghotra (she/her)
Languages: Punjabi, Hindi, & Spanish