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Advisories, News Releases, and Statements

For media inquiries, contact: 619-236-6616 or email cklotz@sandiego.gov


December 2021

13thPDF icon Media Advisory: Councilmember Cate Hosts 7th Annual Toys for Tots Breakfast

9thPDF icon Media Advisory: Annual Christmas Tree Giveaway for Active Duty Military & Veterans

November 2021

30th: San Diego Union Tribune Op-Ed: "Here’s why San Diego’s vaccine mandate for city employees is a bad idea"

October 2021

19th: PDF icon Chris Cate to Recognize School Safety Patrol on National Youth Confidence Day

September 2021

21st:  Item 331: Wastewater and Water Rate Adjustments, and Cost of Service Study: "Today, I voted to support San Diego’s continued investment in the development of its own locally controlled water supply, Pure Water San Diego, as well as the investments necessary to improve our sewer infrastructure. Pure Water will be a locally controlled and drought proof water source that will supply half of our City’s water demand. However, I cannot in good conscience support the pass-through water rate increase from our water wholesaler, the San Diego County Water Authority. As a board member for the Water Authority, I do not believe we have done all we can do to decrease our expenditures and reduce the impact on San Diego water ratepayers."

August 2021

19thPDF icon San Diego to Dedicate 7900 Block of Aero Drive as Deegan and Stephen Lew Drive

2nd: “The vast majority of law-abiding gun owners strictly adhere to federal, state, and local laws regarding purchasing, owning, and transporting firearms, including those laws already in place to address firearms that are homemade. I was unable to support today’s ordinance because I believe this proposal places an additional undue burden on compliant, responsible gun owners and does nothing to address the real issue of gun violence committed by criminals. Additionally, I see enforcement as the largest challenge for this policy as those same criminals will not self-enforce this new law. Furthermore, I feel any infringement on everybody’s Constitutional rights is unjust and un-American.”

July 2021

22nd: PDF icon Councilmember Chris Cate Proposes Lifelong Benefits for Retired Police Dogs

June 2021

25th: PDF icon San Diego Building Owners and Managers to Give Back in a Big Way

14th: Approval of the Fiscal Year 2022 Budget | "I want to thank Mayor Gloria, the City Council and all City staff for a budget that maintains vital core city services that our residents rely upon each and every day. This Budget commits an unprecedented amount of infrastructure investments throughout the City, including communities of concern. It also includes significant funding to tackle homelessness, including funding to increase social service outreach to people experiencing homelessness. As we begin to determine our path post-pandemic, our focus needs to be on supporting our neighborhoods and allowing our small businesses owners and residents to get back to work and thrive."

10th: PDF icon Mira Mesa Boulevard to Honor Covid-19 Nurses for Philippine Independence Day

5th:PDF icon Councilman Cate Requests Facilities Assessment for Breastfeeding Moms

3rd: PDF icon Fil-Ams to Raise Funds for Small Village that was Burned to the Ground

May 2021

21st: PDF icon Yellow Whistle Campaign to Kick Off in the City's Largest Filipino Community

3rd: PDF icon Councilmember Cate to Declare May as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

April 2021

30th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Proposes Expanding City's Storefront Improvement Program

19th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Announces Public Hearing Calendar for FY22 Budget

March 2021

24th: PDF icon Mira Mesa Elementary School Selected for an Egg-Stra Special Surprise

19th: Statement regarding the New Invitation to Bid on Gas and Electricity Franchises: "The Mayor produced an Invitation to Bid (ITB) that includes the feedback we have received over the past few weeks and strikes a balance with recommendations provided by the City Council. Understanding where our city currently stands financially, it was imperative to include the ability to negotiate with whomever responds to the ITB which will ensure taxpayers receive not only financial protections, but also safe, clean, and reliable service. I look forward to working with my colleagues to approve a fair franchise agreement that meets the needs of San Diego and our residents,” stated Councilmember Chris Cate, chair of the Budget and Government Efficiency Committee. 

18th: PDF icon Faith-Based Group to Host Food Collection Event Benefitting Food Bank

17th: "These hateful, hurtful, and disgusting acts toward Asian Americans hardens the already-existing sense of fear that is still occurring in our nation today. Our API community must continue to educate and involve others, and put and end to all of this."

11th: PDF icon City Councilmembers Propose Bringing Life-Saving Device to San Diego

5th: PDF icon Community of Clairemont to Celebrate National Day of Unplugging

February 2021

25th: PDF icon Law Enforcement, First Responders, & Public "Trying Hard" to Support STAR/PAL

9th: PDF icon Chris Cate to Kickoff Lunar New Year with San Diego's First Chinese School

January 2021

29th: Mid-Year Budget (FY21) | "The ongoing lockdowns and stay at home orders have had a catastrophic effect on our region’s economy, as well as our City's budget. Our projected budget deficit for Fiscal Year 2021 has nearly doubled to $85 million due to the massive loss of revenue. Until the health and safety of our economy has recovered and stabilized, we as elected leaders need to ensure our most basic, core city services that residents rely upon each and every day are first-and-foremost prioritized and preserved."

13th: Mayor Gloria's State of the City Address| I appreciate the Mayor’s somber tone regarding the state of our city’s finances. We were elected to make difficult, and at times, unpopular decisions while always being transparent with our residents. We are going to be facing significant budget challenges, and it is incumbent upon us to prioritize core city services that have the most direct impact on the quality of life of our residents. As Chair of our Budget Committee, my commitment is to address these conversations head on.

5th: Prop B Ruling | It is astounding a judge overturned the voices of 154,000 San Diego voters today. In a duly held election, two-thirds of voters decided the City of San Diego’s pension system needed to be reformed. Unfortunately, San Diego took a gigantic step back today. Furthermore, this is a dangerous precedent to overturn the will of the voters over process technicalities. San Diego voters were crystal clear when they voted to reform the city pension system.


December 2020

28thPDF icon District 6 Councilmember to Serve as San Diego's Budget Chair for 2021

9th: PDF icon Sorrento Valley McDonald’s Owner Hosts Councilmember Cate’s 6th Annual Toys for Tots Breakfast

2nd: PDF icon World War II Veteran and Army Medic Paratrooper to Receive First Christmas Trees of the Holiday Season

November 2020

13th: "For the past 10 months, everyday San Diegans and small businesses have been placed under extreme and burdensome regulations. The constant changes and uncertainty impose constant and unnecessary stress on people already spread thin, and make it impossible to keep up and provide for their children and families. The idea that small businesses can deal with on-again-off-again restrictions is ludicrous. Once and for all we need definitive certainty on the fastest way to reopen the economy.Flirting with opening and closing is no longer sustainable for anyone - San Diegans deserve better."

12th: Franchise Agreement:  “The decision to not allow the Council to hear the bids for our new franchise agreement is irresponsible at best, and detrimental to our City’s fiscal health at worst. If any member of the Council does not believe a certain bidder is responsive, they are free to vote no. But to say this process has been rushed and the Council has not been engaged is false. Our obligation as a Council is to make these critical decisions, and this should be placed on the agenda as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this smells like a veiled attempt to get the City to put up, according to the City’s own consultant, $2 billion of taxpayer monies we do not have to municipalize our energy system.”

10th: Kearny Mesa Community Plan Update: "I am pleased my Council colleagues joined me in unanimously approving the Kearny Mesa Community Plan Update. This process started in 2016 and has involved the hard work and contributions of hundreds of Kearny Mesa residents, business owners, property owners, and dedicated City of San Diego Planning Department staff. The Kearny Mesa Community Plan Update adopted today represents a significant step to transform and build upon the progress that has occurred in the Kearny Mesa community. It addresses the City’s housing crisis by increasing the housing capacity to over 27,000 housing units, accommodating up to 66,000 residents, while expanding the community’s role as a major economic and employment hub for the City. The plan also acknowledges the historic, cultural, and economic significance of the Convoy District, and provides a solid framework for it to continue to grow and thrive. I am excited for the future of Kearny Mesa."

9th: Parks Master Plan Statement: "Since taking office in 2014, one of my top priorities in office has been the maintenance and expansion of our District 6 parks. Throughout District 6, there are numerous Park and Recreation projects planned to make much-needed improvements and expansions to our facilities for the enjoyment of current and future residents. Three District 6 communities are currently undergoing updates to their respective Community Plans potentially adding tens of thousands of homes and residents to neighborhoods that currently enjoy the park infrastructure to support them. Under the current proposal, there is no guarantee that these families that will be soon calling District 6 home will be able to enjoy the park amenities this Plan is hoping to provide all San Diegans. Because of this, I cannot support the Parks Master Plan listed in the Complete Communities proposal. It is imperative that we continue to serve the recreation needs of our communities, and allow for future generations to live, work, and play in a safe environment."

9th: PDF icon Kearny Mesa to Celebrate 190 Parking Spots in the Convoy District

October 2020

30th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate and Environmental Services Department Host 3rd Annual Pumpkin Recycling Event

28th: PDF icon Pro-Kids Proponents and Parents Rally to Put Kids First

19th: PDF icon San Diego Considers Establishing Convoy Pan Asian Cultural District

13th: PDF icon City of San Diego to Recognize World-Renowned Stand Up Comedian

September 2020

29th: 3Roots: San Diego is amid a housing crisis. It’s crystal clear: we need to build more homes. I was pleased to make the motion today to approve the 3Roots project in Mira Mesa. This project will move our neighborhood, and our city forward toward addressing this crisis while providing a multitude of benefits for Mira Mesans. 413 acres of underdeveloped land in District 6 will be transformed into a vibrant space with 1,800 homes for families, which includes 180 units of affordable housing. 256 acres of parks, trails, and open space will be available for residents to enjoy. Additionally, amenities like shopping, dining, and entertainment will be within walking distance. 3Roots received unanimous support from both the Mira Mesa Community Planning Group and the City of San Diego’s Planning Commission. I applaud 3Roots for listening, working with, and advocating for the betterment of Mira Mesa."

25th:PDF icon Chris Cate Proposes Zero-Tolerance Policy for Predatory Scammers

19th: PDF icon Mira Mesa to Hold Sunday Funday to Celebrate a Resident's 109th Birthday

18th: PDF icon San Diego Requests Safe Reopening Guidelines for Convention Centers

14th: PDF icon Craft Beer Councilman Supports Tax Relief for Beverage Industry

August 2020

28th: PDF icon No Need to Read Between the Lines; Public Libraries Should Reopen

24th: PDF icon It's No Laughing Matter; Comedy and Entertainment Venues Forced to Close

July 2020

30th: PDF icon Councilmember Chris Cate to Reinstate In-Person Office Hours for District 6

28th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Releases On-Campus, Off-Campus Solutions for Families

15th: PDF icon City Parks to Possibly Serve as Temporary Venues for Businesses and Organizations

9th: PDF icon Craft Beer Councilman and Hops Highway Ally Establish Fund for Breweries

June 2020

26th: PDF icon Chris Cate Supports National Legislation to Help Revive Tourism in San Diego

15th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Celebrates Arnel Pineda and Commemorates Philippine Independence Day

8th: “Racism has psychological and physiological effects. And it needs to stop. I empathize fully with our Black community. Our society has failed to listen. During this time where San Diegans are holding peaceful protests, I know I have personally opened my eyes, opened my ears, and opened my heart to our Black community’s needs. I have been listening, watching, and hearing everything. Posts on my personal social media, constituent calls, peaceful protests in my district: everything. As a Filipino American and son of an immigrant, I understand racism because I’ve experienced it first-hand. My staff has experienced racism. My family has experienced racism. My friends have experienced racism. Our residents have experienced racism. And our businesses have experienced racism. George Floyd’s death is heartbreaking and one hundred percent unacceptable. It should have never happened. And, this should never happen again. We can and must do better. My father immigrated to this country with my grandparents, and he faithfully served and protected Californians for more than 25 years as a law enforcement professional. Everyone (law enforcement or not) expressed the same sentiment regarding George Floyd’s death: it was abhorrent. Changes need to be made. Our city, our leadership, law enforcement, and our communities, are working together to make true and impactful change. I pledged on day one in office to always put neighborhoods first. The budget passed by the Council today maintains our commitment and promises to the tens of thousands of children that utilize our libraries for research and studying, and the countless families that seek fun, fellowship, and leisure at our parks and recreation centers. I believe we must continue to invest in core neighborhood services and support efforts to elevate neighborhoods through community based programs. The approval of the Office on Race and Equity will do just that, and I fully support Councilmember Montgomery’s new program.”

April 2020

28thPDF icon Mira Mesans Demand City Council Stops Ignoring Their Dilapidated Streets

15th: "The proposed Fiscal Year 2021 budget will be the most difficult budget we have tackled as a Council. In this crisis, with millions unemployed, severe drops in tourism and sales tax revenues, and thousands of businesses potentially being shuttered, the City will have to make very difficult decisions with very limited resources. This includes determining what are the core essential services the City should be providing to its 1.4 million residents. Every dollar spent on non-core essential services may impact those basic services relied upon by our communities, and provided by City employees. Over the coming weeks, I will work to ensure the core services we have worked hard to increase for our residents are protected to the maximum extent possible." 

March 2020

17th: “As Chair of the City’s Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations Committee and a former small business owner, I feel that it is imperative we, as a City, take a holistic approach and look at all relief efforts both state-wide and federally to ensure there is minimal impact to our regional economy. It is critical we advocate for relief efforts with others in our region on behalf of our small business owners, employees, and all elements of our economy. We must do everything in our power to ensure core City services are provided, businesses have what they need to stay open, employees know what resources are available, and senior citizens and other vulnerable populations are being looked after. COVID-19 has and will continue to cause harm to our local employers and employees. We need to act now to ensure all affected can weather this storm."

February 2020

19th: PDF icon From Blight to Beautiful, Graffiti-Prone Walls Become Community Murals

7th: PDF icon City of San Diego to Proclaim Day in STAR/PAL's Honor

3rd: PDF icon Councilmember Cate and Supervisor Fletcher Collaborate to Support the Small Business Community

January 2020

17th: PDF icon Chris Cate and San Diego's Filipino Community United for a Day of Giving

13th: "The proposed changes are necessary because previously, State law only applied to permitted cannabis businesses advertising on billboards and are enforceable only by state officials. State regulations are not applicable to illegal cannabis businesses. Today’s action will allow San Diego to enforce regulations on billboard advertisements from both permitted and non-permitted cannabis businesses. These rules provide us a greater ability to enforce regulations at the local level to ensure cannabis billboards are not placed near locations where children frequent."


December 2019

6th: PDF icon Active Duty and Veteran Military Families to Receive Free Christmas Trees

3rd: PDF icon City of San Diego to Announce New Public-Private Partnership

November 2019 

21st: PDF icon 10th Annual Thanksgiving Rice Drive to Celebrate Major Milestone  (with CP Gómez's office)

15th: PDF icon 120 San Diego Homes Conserve One Million Gallons of Water

5th: PDF icon San Diego Revises Its Rules and Regulations Regarding the Massage Industry

October 2019

25th: PDF icon Think Green This Halloween; Compost Your Pumpkins and Gourds

September 2019

27th: PDF icon San Diego to Announce New Citywide Community Policing Program

17th: "As a native San Diegan and new father, I think about my daughter’s future. Climate change is real. And we must do our part to mitigate its impact. That is why, in 2015, I voted for the City of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan. And personally, to reduce my own carbon footprint, I have installed solar panels and drive a zero-emission vehicle. The path toward Community Choice Energy is fraught with risk, potentially costing city taxpayers billions of dollars, higher electricity bills, and without the guarantee of significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions above-and-beyond what is now mandated by state law. In addition, we learned today that ratepayers will not have the protections of Proposition 218 or Proposition 26. Voters approved these state constitutional measures to ensure ratepayers only pay for the cost of the service provided to them. Without these protections, the rates adopted by the CCA could be unreasonable or politically motivated."

July 2019

30th: “The item approved today is counterproductive to the progress the City has made to tackle our housing crisis head-on and adopt bold policies that would provide relief to all San Diegans. At no time during the discussion at Committee, or here today, did a speaker come forward and state that this proposal will increase the production of housing in our City. Rather, we are debating the varying degrees of negative impact this proposal will have on production and hoping developers will not choose to simply build in surrounding cities, or not build at all. A likely project in my Council District under this proposal will result in increased rents of as much as $300 per month for an 800 square foot apartment, and property owners would see as much as a 55% loss in land value, declaring projects economically infeasible and cripple future housing production. While I appreciate the intent is to increase the amount of funding for subsidized housing, that funding does not exist if there is not the development of market rate housing. For these reasons I voted no on today’s proposal and ask Mayor Faulconer to issue a veto.”

24th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Proposes Blue Light Emergency Phones Pilot

2nd: PDF icon NFL Starting Running Back to Serve as Grand Marshal for Fourth of July Parade

June 2019

4th: PDF icon San Diego Helps Disabled Veterans with Home Improvements

April 2019

5th: PDF icon San Diego Public Libraries Reinstate Access for Kids and Families

March 2019

29th: PDF icon Human Trafficking Survivors Call on City Leaders for Laws to Protect Them

13th: PDF icon Councilmember Donates Pies for Hundreds of Senior Citizens on Pi Day

4th: "With the median home price exceeding half a million dollars, sadly, 7 in every 10 San Diego families cannot afford the American Dream of owning a home. To meet the need of building 200,000 new housing units in the next decade, the City must act to ensure the next generations of San Diegans have a place to call home in affordable and livable neighborhoods. Unfortunately, government red tape contributes to the high cost of housing. Today’s action is a market-driven solution that will allow more units to be built at a lower cost by eliminating the mandatory construction of costly and underutilized parking spaces. Projects will be incentivized to incorporate a wide variety of multi-modal transportation amenities, such as child care, grocery stores, and ride-share programs. Furthermore, today’s action will decrease the number of daily vehicle trips, improve road congestion, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is for these reasons I supported today’s action to help address our housing crisis."

February 2019

25th: "As a native San Diegan and new father, I think about my daughter’s future. Climate change is real. And we must do our part to mitigate its impact. That is why, in 2015, I voted for the City of San Diego’s Climate Action Plan. And personally, to reduce my own carbon footprint, I have installed solar panels and drive a zero-emission vehicle. The path toward Community Choice Energy is fraught with risk, potentially costing city taxpayers billions of dollars, higher electricity bills, and without the guarantee of significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions above-and-beyond what is now mandated by state law. Over the past year, the City has lost the confidence of taxpayers to adequately manage its own water department. Yet, it is moving forward with government-controlled energy, despite not having any history of buying or selling this commodity on a mass-scale. It is for these reasons that I was not able to support today’s action."


November 2018

26th: PDF icon Chris Cate to Host 4th Annual Toys for Tots Breakfast in Mira Mesa

16th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate to Donate One Ton of Rice to Families in Need

October 2018

26th: PDF icon Go Green This Halloween; Compost Your Pumpkins and Gourds

15th: PDF icon City of San Diego to Declare Day Honoring In-N-Out Burger's 70th Anniversary

5th: PDF icon Elderly to Receive FREE Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

4th: PDF icon Councilmember Chris Cate Pilots Program for Disable Veterans

2nd: PDF icon Councilmember Chris Cate Cares About Clairemont Children

September 2018

18th: PDF icon Update from Dockless Scooter Share Providers

13th: PDF icon Chris Cate Proposes Steps to Combat Red Light Activity and Human Trafficking

August 2018

10th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate & Humane Society Host Free Event in Mira Mesa

2nd: PDF icon Cate's Reforms Receive Unanimous Support from Environment Committee

July 2018

30th: PDF icon San Diego to Proclaim Day in Honor of Challenged Athletes Foundation

26th: "After hearing from hundreds of District 6 residents with unexplainably high water bills, I look forward to the implementation of these audit recommendations. San Diego ratepayers deserve a department that can complete the simple task of sending accurate water bills. At the August 2nd Environment Committee meeting, I will be presenting a proposal to help rebuild San Diego’s trust in the water department by revamping its customer service operations, ensuring accurate meter readings, and adding new levels of financial accountability."

16th: "I am deeply disappointed in the proposal adopted by the Council relating to short-term rentals. After nearly four years of debate and discussion, a reasonable compromise was before us that would balance neighborhood protections with our thriving tourism economy. Instead, the Council chose a path that is not only unenforceable and subject to legal challenge, but would drive the activity underground, resulting in the loss in millions of dollars in revenue that funds public safety officers and the repairing of city streets.”

3rd: PDF icon Councilmember Chris Cate to Host Independence Day Ice Cream Social

June 2018

25th: PDF icon Councilmember Delivers on Promise to Ease Traffic Congestion in Mira Mesa

12th: PDF icon Councilmembers Suggest Leveling the Election Playing Field

May 2018

30th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Continues to Invest in Neighborhood Libraries

21st: PDF icon Councilmember Chris Cate Floats Proposal for Water Department

April 2018

30th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Hosts 4th Annual Budget Briefing

25th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Recommends Two Changes for San Diego Park Planning

19th: "The County of San Diego has failed to provide adequate services that look after the welfare of animals. We have heard from several volunteers about the sub-par level of care. That is why we are in this position. I fully support having the San Diego Humane Society provide animal services for the City without any strings that would prevent them from adequately doing their job."

17th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Proposes “Dollars for Dumping” Reporting Program

12th: "Last evening, I joined hundreds of District 6 residents to learn about a proposed development on 5858 Mt. Alifan Drive in Clairemont. Due to heavy interest of this project, the open house, hosted by Wakeland Housing Development/PATH, had to be rescheduled. Unfortunately, District 6 residents were not given the opportunity to have their concerns heard. After hearing from those in attendance, I, too, share in their concerns and have questions. While the Wakeland Housing Development/PATH project proposal has not been officially submitted to the City’s Development Services Department, I will ensure that during the development and submittal process, the developers be held accountable to work with the community of Clairemont. As the councilmember for District 6, I will continue to advocate on behalf of all neighborhoods. I will continue to monitor this situation closely and give regular updates to the community."

10th: “Over a decade of work by an unprecedented coalition culminated in today’s action. San Diego has taken another crucial step to becoming water independent while saving ratepayers billions of dollars. I look forward to the continued work to finish this project and to the day Pure Water is providing a benefit to residents and businesses across this region.”

5th: PDF icon Cate Proposes Safeguards on Marijuana Advertising to Protect Our Youth

March 2018

20th: PDF icon Safeguarding Against Online Attacks, Data Breaches, and Security Risks

5th: PDF icon Big Ideas and Major Solutions to be Delivered at State of the District Address

February 2018

22nd: PDF icon Clairemont Celebrates Grand Re-Opening of Neighborhood's Only Senior Center

20th: PDF icon San Diegans Barred and Blocked from Borrowing Books at Branch Libraries

15th: “More than 250 people attended my High Water Bill Forum this evening. Many of these residents had the opportunity to voice their frustration and speak to the Public Utilities Department customer service representatives regarding their abnormally high water bill. After hearing dozens of the same stories, I am not convinced that this is an isolated incident and truly hope the investigation is done quickly. I encourage anyone that has a question regarding their water bill to continue to contact my office and work with the water department to have their bills resolved.”

12th: PDF icon Water Bill Forum to be Held, Per the Request of Councilmember Cate

8th: “I appreciate the Public Utilities Department working swiftly to investigate the multitude of higher-than-normal water bills in my district,” said City Councilmember Chris Cate. “I will continue to work with the department to gather the pertinent information to ensure this is an isolated incident, and will be holding a public forum in my district to allow residents the opportunity to ask questions and get the answers they deserve.” View PUD's news release PDF icon here.

7th: "I appreciate PDF icon staff’s response to my PDF icon January 30th memo relating to abnormally high water bills. However, there are still many unanswered questions. Though the Public Utilities Department will be releasing additional information by February 16th, I am asking the Public Utilities Department to release the following information: the aggregate number of customer water bills that have increased over the last two billing cycles; and the total number of customer complaints, including the nature of the complaints, filed since November 2017. I am requesting the aforementioned information to be broken out by citywide zip codes. In an effort of transparency and community engagement, I will also be working with the department to host a community forum on this topic so residents can be informed on all current information."

January 2018

26th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate to Host FREE Flu Shot Clinic in Mira Mesa

22nd: PDF icon San Diego to Recognize Young Heroine from Rancho Peñasquitos

18th: PDF icon Public Safety Chairman Releases Homelessness Survey Findings

9th: PDF icon Major Online Platform Inundating Neighborhoods with Illegal Pot Deliveries


December 2017

12th: “After nearly three years since my office provided its initial proposal on home sharing and short term rentals, today’s inaction by my Council colleagues proved that we cannot govern. Time and time again, the council has heavily relied on special interest and ballot initiatives to pass major public policy. Much has been said about dysfunctional D.C.-style politics, however it’s happening in our own backyard.”

5th: PDF icon Toys for Tots Event Expected to Yield 400 Toys for Kids in Need

4th: PDF icon Military Families' Holidays Made Brighter with FREE Christmas Trees

November 2017

14th: PDF icon Biocom Institute to Bring STEM to Clairemont

13th: PDF icon SDPD's Annual Rice Drive Expected to Tip the Scales at 18,000 Pounds

1st: "Yesterday, I stood united with Recreation Councils across the City. In an action which would have erased nearly 40 years of history and volunteerism from our Recreation Councils, I asked my council colleagues to consider an alternative solution. I am pleased to report that due to the hard working volunteers of this City, we were successful in continuing the dialogue. The Council directed the item to be heard at the Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee on December 6th. As the Chair of the Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee, I strongly encourage each Recreation Council member to provide their input and suggestions on this important issue. I am proud to stand united with my District 6 Recreation Councils. Recreation Councils are a pillar of our neighborhoods and, as such, it is imperative we continue to work together towards a solution. I encourage you to contact your respective Councilmember, Park and Recreation staff, City Attorney's office, and the Mayor’s office to request an alternative proposal that will maintain the integrity of Recreation Councils."

October 2017

30th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Stands United with Recreation Councils

25th: PDF icon Cate Calls for Ban of Advertisements from Tijuana Red Light District Clubs

23rd: “As Chair of Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee, recruiting and retaining police officers has been a top priority since I took office. This contract is an important step in addressing this ongoing crisis. That is why during this last budget cycle, I recommended that we begin the process of setting aside the necessary funds to invest in our police department. The residents of District 6 continue to advocate for dedicating the necessary resources for this new contract."

19th: PDF icon City of San Diego to Declare October as Archives Month

17th: PDF icon Hundreds of Mira Mesa Kids Prepared to “Drop, Cover, and Hold On”

September 2017

25th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate to Kickoff 7th Annual Mining and Geology Day

19th: "It should be very concerning to every San Diegan when our local government starts blacklisting businesses or individuals with whom we have political disagreements. That is un-American, un-welcoming, and not representative of San Diego. We can have disagreements on the wisdom of a border wall, however, these businesses are doing nothing illegal and we should not punish them for the policies of the Federal Government."

12th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Releases Priorities for Addressing Homelessness

11th: "While I support the allowance of marijuana production facilities to create a legal marijuana supply chain in the City of San Diego, I opposed today's action at City Council because it fell severely short of ensuring public safety and put an unreasonable burden on specific neighborhoods. The motion passed today lacked a specific cap on the number of marijuana production facilities allowed in each Council District which will cause an oversaturation of operations in District 6. In addition, City Council also failed to adopt many of my proposals relating to public safety safeguards that are currently best practices adopted by cities throughout the country. As Chair of Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee, my top priority will always be to ensure marijuana production facilities are well-regulated and operating in a manner that promotes public safety. The policy that was passed today was rushed and did not allow for a thorough discussion that could have led to a better policy for the City of San Diego.”

August 2017

28th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Releases Non-Retail Marijuana Business Regulations

10th: PDF icon Councilmember Chris Cate to Host 2nd Annual D6 Toss

2nd: "The City Council has well established its support for the promotion of cross-border trade as a backbone to the economic strength of this region. That is why the City Council has previously unanimously supported immigration reform, strong border security, and a legislative platform for which we pay lobbyists in Sacramento and D.C. to advocate on our behalf, all of which I have voted in favor. I do not believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution to how we ensure a safe and secure border and not supportive of the comprehensive border wall proposal. It is clear Congress has not listened to previous efforts and there is no reason to expect this resolution will provide a different outcome. In addition, this resolution asks the City of San Diego to punish businesses for conducting work on a project, due to political differences. I will never support government scrutinizing businesses for political gain. Lastly, I made my position known how I will view resolutions dealing with federal matters: For those reasons, I voted no."

July 2017

26th: PDF icon Kearny Mesa to Revive Program That Has Been Dormant for Over 30 Years

24th: "Today’s action by the Council was a step in the right direction to solve San Diego’s ongoing housing crisis. I support action to streamline the development of housing units, lower fees associated with housing, and provide incentives to create housing affordability in the region. I am however deeply disappointed with the Council’s decision to toss in amendments for a minimum night stay as it relates to companion units rather than include this as part of a comprehensive review of a short term rental proposal this fall. It is unfortunate that members of the council decided to be political and jeopardize a solution that keeps housing affordable in San Diego."

24th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate to Dedicate Mark Hamill Drive in Clairemont

20th: PDF icon City of San Diego to Place Mandates on Quality of Street Repairs

June 2017

23rd: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Kicks Off Million Gallon Challenge

20th: "I am pleased that my council colleagues supported dedicating, with honors, Castleton Drive (between Mount Abernathy Avenue and Clayford Street) as “Mark Hamill Drive.” Today’s council action allows the City of San Diego Streets Division to begin designing and creating the Honorary Mark Hamill Drive signs. We are hopeful we can continue to work with Mr. Hamill, to install, dedicate, and unveil Mark Hamill Drive at a later date at the corner of Castleton Drive and Mount Abernathy Avenue."

19th: “I am disappointed with the Council’s decision not to support a public vote for this November. With no possibility of holding a special election, I voted to support placing the SoccerCity initiative on the 2018 general election ballot. I hope during this time both sides present their ideas to voters throughout the City, and Major League Soccer (MLS) holds off on removing San Diego from consideration for an expansion franchise. It’s been made clear during this process that San Diegans would embrace MLS with excitement and open arms.”

12th: PDF icon City of San Diego to Celebrate 240th Anniversary of Flag Day

5th“I supported this budget because it reflects many of the priorities District 6 families believe are most important to them. The budget funds our public safety officers, and prioritizes funding for our City's infrastructure. Furthermore, it is time the City address its police retention and recruitment crisis, which is why I will be advocating for an increase to the police officer salaries next year.”

“It is unfortunate the adoption of a $3 billion dollar budget was overshadowed by the rhetoric surrounding a proposal that has yet to receive a full public vetting before the City Council. I believe it would have been prudent to set aside the funding for a special election today, and deliberate about the merits of a November special election at a future date. That is why I support the Mayor’s decision to use his veto power, and restore special election funding, so we may have a full discussion in the coming weeks.”

May 2017

31st: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Launches Million Gallon Challenge

26th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate to Proclaim Emergency Medical Services Week

25th: PDF icon San Diego Renames Street in Honor of Madison High School's Mascot

23rd: PDF icon San Diego Honors Culture and Contributions of Asian Pacific Americans

22nd: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Hosts 3rd Annual Budget Briefing

15th: PDF icon City of San Diego Releases RFP for Facility at the Heart of Mira Mesa

15th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate to Distribute Free Pet Emergency Kits

9th: PDF icon Grand Jury Report Calls for Change to School Board Elections

3rd: PDF icon Public Safety Committee Chair Presents Solution for Police Recruitment Issue

April 2017

24th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate to Kick Off SDFD's Blood Drive

10th: PDF icon San Diego Bids Farewell to Long-Time Community Champion

10th: PDF icon San Diego Celebrates National Library Week

March 2017

21st: “I am very disappointed with my council colleagues to deny San Diego voters the opportunity to vote on election rules for school board members that would bring consistency with the way we elect other local public officials. It is further troublesome considering the same colleagues supported a similar measure just six months ago. Given the recent climate of San Diego Unified School District, it is unfortunate that this Council did not see the need to ensure school board members are held accountable to the majority of the people they represent.”

9thPDF icon San Diego Moves to Toughen Up Enforcement Against Red Light Operations

3rd: PDF icon Councilmembers Propose Term Limits for School Board Members

1st: PDF icon Donors Double Dollars Donated for District 6 Libraries

February 2017

27th: PDF icon Councilmember Perturbed with City Attorney Playing Politics

21st: “I am in the process of reviewing the over 300 pages of the initiative. Like I have stated before I am excited about the prospect of an entertainment district in Mission Valley, which includes constructing a new stadium to house a Major League Soccer franchise and San Diego State University football. I appreciate the ownership’s willingness to bring all the stakeholders together, and look forward to reviewing this comprehensive plan to ensure it meets the needs of the City which includes no general fund taxpayer subsidy to build the stadium, the development of a river park, and available for a potential NFL team to relocate.”

10th: “If the residents of Clairemont wish to collect the required amount of signatures and proceed with changing their street name from Charger Boulevard to honor Mark Hamill, they have my full-fledged support.” #MayTheForceBeWithYou (video)

January 2017

31st: “My vote to approve legal cannabis retail dispensaries complies with the will of the voters and the intent of proposition 64. To ensure public safety I am committed to working with the City Attorney’s office and the Police Department to increase enforcement and expedite the closure of illegal marijuana operations. I look forward to docketing a proposal at the Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee that creates the additional tools needed to reign in illegal operators in our neighborhoods.”

30th: PDF icon Public Safety Committee Chairman to Unveil Space for Online Transactions

25th: “San Diego’s Sixth District is home to many immigrant families, including a fast-growing Muslim population, many of which have immigrated to San Diego for an opportunity to a better life and to pursue the American Dream. Halting the legal immigration process, as outlined in President Trump's Executive Order, will further divide families that still have relatives in these countries. San Diego has always been known as a place of inclusion, and I do not believe this Executive Order represents our region or the need to move toward a safe and expeditious legal immigration process.”

24th: “This is a great time for San Diego. I am excited with the ownership group proposing to build an entertainment district in Mission Valley, which includes constructing a new stadium to house a Major League Soccer franchise and San Diego State University football. I am pleased the ownership group has been willing to listen to feedback from the community, and have proactively reached out to the public to ensure they are good partners in this project. I am looking forward to reviewing their comprehensive plan which appears to meet numerous needs of the City, while not requiring taxpayer dollars. From developing a river park to housing, this can truly be a diverse project all San Diegans can be proud of.”

12th: “I do not find the Chargers announcement to relocate to Los Angeles surprising. It became apparent in 2015 that the Chargers preferred Los Angeles, as they continued to show an unwillingness to negotiate a potential stadium deal here in San Diego, and with their recent action to execute a lease for a new headquarters and practice facility outside of the City. I accept the Chargers decision and understand that they believed this action was the best financial decision for their business. This will no doubt be a difficult time for lifelong Charger fans. My focus will now turn to finding a long term vision for the Mission Valley site that will be in the best interest of San Diegans.”

4th: PDF icon Neighborhoods First Coalition Releases Priorities for Council District 6


December 2016

19th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate to Chair San Diego's Public Safety Committee

14th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate's Proposal Receives Unanimous Support from Council

November 2016

15th: PDF icon Councilmember to Host Holiday Breakfast Benefitting Toys for Tots

9th: PDF icon Councilmember to Soar Above San Diego for Aviation Career Day

October 2016

22nd: PDF icon Community of Clairemont to Host Safety Expo for Kids and Families

18th: PDF icon Councilmember to Drop, Cover and Hold On with Clairemont Kids

11th: PDF icon Councilmember Steps Into Stilettos to Support the YWCA's Programs

September 2016

15th: PDF icon 48 New Signs to be Presented for District 6's Largest Neighborhood

August 2016

23rd: PDF icon Clairemont Residents' Pride Restored with New Community Sign

19th: PDF icon CM Cate to Host Event Benefitting Police and Fire Foundations

17th: “I believe that banning short-term vacation rentals in single family residential zones will not solve the problem raised by Preserve Our Communities. I concur that any short-term vacation rental proposal adopted should include strong enforcement. I proposed a balanced solution that preserves the quality of life in neighborhoods while protecting our innovative and sharing economy."

11th: PDF icon Craft Beer Councilman to Tap 1st Keg at 5th Annual Festival of Beers

1st: PDF icon Cops, Councilmembers and Community Unite for National Night Out

July 2016

19th: “I do not support a plastic bag ban.  A public vote for the statewide ban of plastic bags is slated for November of this year, and we should respect the process. The citywide proposal is a heavy-handed mandate dovetailed with an unnecessary tax. Instead, we should be focusing on education and incentive-based programs that focus on education and the reduction of illegal littering. That is why I support the Surfrider’s ocean-friendly restaurant program which encourages restaurants to institute self-regulated ocean friendly policies that reduce disposable plastic waste.”

June 2016

29th: PDF icon Mira Mesa Celebrates $361,000 in Upgrades for Local Senior Center

3rd: PDF icon San Diego Renames Street in Honor of Local High School

May 2016

22nd: PDF icon City of San Diego Recognizes YMCA for Drowning Prevention Efforts

24th: "My office has been working with the San Diego Police Department, the City of San Diego’s Code Enforcement Division, and the City Attorney’s office since January 2015 to secure an abatement and cleanup of the property on Belgian Street. While it is an unfortunate situation, I am certain that the community is pleased that this issue is on the path to resolution. I would like to thank the neighbors for their compassion, patience, and understanding during this lengthy process.”

9th: PDF icon Region's Largest Night Market Returns for Second Year

April 2016

28th: “I join Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer in opposition to SANDAG’s $18 billion dollar sales tax measure. This mega-tax will have a negative impact on hard-working families that are already over-taxed and struggling to makes ends meet. I do not support billions of public dollars going to bureaucracies that have fleeced taxpayers in the past, while not addressing the true issue at hand: traffic congestion.”

27th: PDF icon Councilmembers Cut Ribbon at San Diego's Newest Farmers Market

19th: PDF icon City of San Diego Proclaims Day in Honor of Media Arts Trailblazer

4th: PDF icon Business Consortium to Unveil Regional Mass Evacuation Plan

March 2016

30th: “Since I have entered office, I have remained relatively silent regarding the Chargers stadium discussion waiting for an official plan supported by the organization. Counting on a significant tax increase to fund the construction of this plan, while also reducing marketing and promotional investments, will affect our ability to compete with other markets for tourists and conventions. Realistically, as the third largest source of revenue for our City, any potential negative impact to this funding source, no matter how minimal, could impact our ability to pay for police services or pave our streets. Each dollar not invested toward promoting San Diego places our city at a competitive disadvantage with cities like Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  While the Chargers are asking a large portion of the funding come from taxpayers, the true investment from the Chargers toward construction appears to be actually minimal at best as they may be able to raise as much as $300 million from personal seat licenses, naming rights, and other football related revenue. I will take the time to further review the proposal and determine its potential impact to City of San Diego taxpayers. Taxpayers deserve a real solution that will not place revenues we need to provide services at risk.”

28th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Proclaims Day in Jersey Mike's Honor

17th: “My office has been working with the San Diego Police Department, the City of San Diego’s Code Enforcement Division, and the City Attorney’s office since January 2015 to secure an abatement and cleanup of the property on Belgian Street. The City Attorney’s office has now confirmed a scheduled court hearing date set for April 5th at 8:30 a.m. at the Hall of Justice, Department 67, before Judge Sturgeon. This case will move forward, and there is a full record of the inspections of the property made, dating back several years. City staff have made numerous attempts to contact the resident, and the attempts have failed. The City is seeking legal remedies, which includes the complete cleanup of the property. I would like to thank the neighbors that have waited patiently for this case to be resolved.  I would encourage all residents to continue to be patient as the legal process moves forward, and if there are any questions, please direct the questions to Luis Pallera in my office. He can be reached at (619) 533-6462 or at LPallera@sandiego.gov.”

16th: PDF icon Public Official Partners with Populace to Prettify Penasquitos Preserve

14th: PDF icon Council Approves Update to Land Development Code, Expanding Home-Based Businesses

3rd: PDF icon Long-Time Clairemont Resident Creates Movie Night Series Benefitting Neighborhood Schools

February 2016

29th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate hosts State of the District address

19th: PDF icon Councilmembers Flip Flapjacks for Children in Need (National Pancake Day)

18th: PDF icon Sports Authority, Gold Glove Award Winners and Councilmember Cate Inspire Youth to Swing for the Fences

17th: PDF icon Councilmember, Cops and Community Collaborate to Curtail Speeding

January 2016

28th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Pedals for YMCA Kids and Families in Need

25th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate sets date for State of the District

15th: PDF icon Councilmembers Cate and Kersey, Boy Scouts & SDFD to Fill and Distribute 5,000 FREE Pre-Filled Sandbags

11th: "As an advocate and proponent of Proposition B, I commend my council colleagues for spearheading an appeal of the Public Employment Relations Board decision to rescind a voter-approved pension reform measure in a court of law. After failed attempts in court to prevent voters from voting on this measure, nearly two-thirds of voters overwhelmingly supported this reform that will save San Diegans nearly one billion dollars.”

7th: “Hillary Clinton's recent interest in the AAPI community is only indicative of her passing interests in communities that can serve her greater political agenda. As a member of the fastest growing demographic in the State, it takes more than a two-day trip to learn and understand our vast and diverse set of concerns. We need a candidate that supports us as entrepreneurs, advocates for us as small business owners and champions quality education for our children. Hillary's policies have led to higher taxes, impeding regulations, increased costs for our small businesses, and a reduction in the conditions of our educational system.”


December 2015

30th: “As an advocate and proponent of Proposition B, I will be strongly supporting an appeal of the Public Employment Relations Board decision to rescind a voter-approved pension reform measure in a court of law. After three failed attempts in court to prevent voters from voting on this measure, nearly two-thirds of voters overwhelmingly supported this reform that will save San Diegans nearly one billion dollars.”

25th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Kicks Off 42nd Annual Christmas Tree Recycling Program

14th: PDF icon Councilmember Chris Cate Named to Five Committees

November 2015

17th: “Today, I voted to support San Diego’s continued investment in the development of its own locally controlled water supply, as well as the investments necessary to improve our water infrastructure. I wholeheartedly applaud all San Diegans who have made sacrifices to meet the unprecedented action by Governor Brown to mandate reductions in water use. Today’s action includes my proposal to review reforms to our water rate structure that will promote conservation while protecting ratepayers, especially if Governor Brown continues this reduction mandate. I look forward to presenting these options to ratepayers and the City Council no later than June of 2017."

16th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate and U.S. Marines to Unveil and Dedicate a Garden for YMCA Families

6th: “I strongly oppose any plan that includes the relocation of Guantanamo Bay detainees to the brig at MCAS Miramar.  It is imperative the City of San Diego denounces any potential transfer to MCAS Miramar just as other states, including Colorado, Kansas and South Carolina, have done. I believe that relocation of these detainees poses a serious threat to both the local military and civilians in San Diego. That is why I am asking my colleagues to call on the President and Congress to remove MCAS Miramar from any list or proposal for the relocation of these detainees.”

3rd: “Today, San Francisco voters have made a bold statement on behalf of the innovation and sharing economy. With the defeat of Proposition F, voters clearly recognize that severely limiting the rights of residents to participate in short term rentals are not the answer. I will continue to advocate for a balanced approach that will make San Diego a model city for short term rental policy throughout the country.”

September 2015

22nd: “I believe over regulation of short term vacation rentals will not solve the crux of the problem and force individuals to go underground, just as we’ve seen in other cities, furthering complicating any enforcement the City can do. Instead, my proposal calls for an amendment to this year’s budget asking for approximately $255,000 be allocated for three (3) additional Police Investigative Service Officers (PISO), or PISO, to specifically address and take complaints related to short-term vacation rentals. I am calling for a one-year pilot program to determine the success of this program and allow for us as a Council to make amendments if necessary. My proposal is a balanced approach that will ensure we protect neighborhood character and quality of life while also finding solutions that adapt to the new sharing and innovative economy. San Diego is experiencing record hotel occupancy rates and increases in Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) receipts. It is imperative we allow those individuals, family members, or even foreign exchange students, the opportunity to enjoy all neighborhoods within America's Finest City.”

15th: “The current water billing system is flawed. The existing method used to charge ratepayers neither rewards customers for reducing water usage, nor is a reliable and sustainable system for our City's Public Utilities Department. Today's hearing is the first step in having the discussion to explore all options to revise this system. I proposed that we review an alternative rate structure; one that does not penalize ratepayers for heeding the call of conservation, but one that rewards their efforts. We need a system that incentivizes those that have gone to great lengths to reduce their water use, as opposed to increasing rates each year. My proposal asks that this study and the resulting options and impacts be completed and presented to the City Council by June 2017. At that time, we will receive input from residents and then consideration by the City Council for implementation.”

14th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Presents $10,725 to SD Police Department - Patrol Bicycles

August 2015

25th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate Recognizes Thousands of San Diego Mothers Building a Business from Home

12th: PDF icon Councilmember Cate and Coalition Demand the Statutory Right to Rent on a Short-Term Basis

5th: “Despite today's action, I have serious concerns with the recommended proposed rate increase and the impact it will have on San Diego families. While I support the investment in local and reliable water supply sources, the people of San Diego have made significant efforts to conserve water during this difficult time of prolonged drought, using 24 percent less in June of 2015 compared to the same month in 2013. The current method used to set our water rates neither rewards customers for reduced water usage nor is it a reliable and sustainable system for our City’s Public Utilities Department. We need to have a robust discussion and explore all options to revise this system to continue to promote conservation while protecting ratepayers.”

July 2015

20th: PDF icon Saving San Diegans' Lives, One Smoke Alarm at a Time

14th: “Today’s action signifies another key milestone in continuing the process of keeping the Chargers in San Diego.  Regardless of the Chargers, an environmental impact report is inevitable in order for the City to complete any type of future stadium development at the Mission Valley site. While I am supportive of today’s item, I have concerns regarding the possibility of using taxpayer dollars to fund a special election for this specific issue and using additional General Fund dollars for further expenditures pertaining to a new Chargers Stadium.”

June 2015

29th: PDF icon Public Official, Police and Community Team Up to Combat Crime in Clairemont

18th: “Mr. Fabiani’s comments regarding Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer are neither accurate nor conducive to finding a viable solution for a new stadium. It has become abundantly clear that the Chargers’ first priority is relocation to Los Angeles. I have stated my wish to review a proposal developed by both sides that is then vetted by the public. It is clear Mr. Fabiani does not share this goal. Mayor Faulconer and his team are more than willing to discuss solutions in the face of Mr. Fabiani’s continued criticism, public doubt, and lack of cooperation.”

8th: “Today I proudly voted yes to approve the Fiscal Year 2016 budget, a commitment from our City for safer and revitalized neighborhoods. I applaud Mayor Faulconer, City staff and my council colleagues for supporting a budget that will increase library and recreation center hours, improve our City's infrastructure, hire public safety officials, fund community plan updates and boost services city-wide. I look forward to future discussions of using additional one-time resources to establish a Pension Stabilization Trust and fund other reserves that are vital in ensuring the City’s financial health for the future.” 

1st: “It has been brought to my attention that the Clairemont monument sign on Balboa Avenue has been destroyed due to a motor vehicle accident that occurred earlier last month. This community marker is a meaningful and vital asset that contributes to the overall identity and symbolic sense of community to all Clairemont residents.  My office is working with city staff to identify a variety of options to replace the sign in an expedient manner. I will keep the community updated as we navigate through the process and look forward to having the community sign replaced for all to enjoy.”

May 2015

18th: “At first glance, the proposed financing plan appears to be a responsible proposal that minimizes the risk of city taxpayers.  I appreciate the Citizens’ Stadium Advisory Group’s time and energy spent on exploring a wide variety of possible financing options for a new multi-purpose stadium in Mission Valley. I look forward to the next steps and learning additional details about the specifics of the plan. I am encouraged with the continued momentum San Diego has built and remain optimistic that there is a clear pathway to keeping the Chargers here in San Diego."

6th: "During Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we have the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the diverse traditions and backgrounds of our Asian Pacific American neighbors and friends.  Through the City of San Diego’s Community Projects, Program & Services (CPPS) program, I am pleased to support UPAC with $10,000 in City of San Diego funding for the High-Risk Asian Pacific Islander Mentorship Program. Organizations such as UPAC contribute greatly to the fabric of San Diego.”

4th: PDF icon Councilman Chris Cate Strikes Out Hunger with Feeding America San Diego

April 2015

28th: "I applaud the Mayor for meeting with Governor Brown to advocate for funding for the Pure Water San Diego program. As Vice Chair of the Committee on the Environment and as strong supporter of this project for nearly a decade, I believe it is incumbent upon our local, state and federal legislators to ensure its expedited completion.  This project deserves special consideration for both federal and state funding. Once it is online, it will provide up to one-third of locally-controlled, sustainable water supply for San Diego."

15th: PDF icon Councilman Chris Cate Kicks Off 3rd Annual "Chairemont Day at the Bay" with 7,000 San Diegans

6th: “One of my priorities prior to entering office was to create good paying jobs for all San Diegans. I am excited that AT&T is providing job opportunities for San Diegans by expanding their local presence. AT&T’s growth here is a great a example of San Diego’s dynamic, innovative and growing economy. ”

March 2015

18th: PDF icon Philippine Ambassador slated to visit Mayor and Councilman

16th: “My goal is for the City of San Diego to provide clarity and support the evolving innovative economy, which includes defining short-term vacation rentals. These sharing-type platforms allow for everyone to enjoy San Diego’s diverse and vibrant neighborhoods.  I appreciate Short Term Rental Advocacy Center’s support for my proposal and I look forward to working with all stakeholders to ensure San Diego is an environment that promotes economic growth while balancing the quality of life in our communities.”

February 2015

23rd: “Mixed-use projects, such as One Paseo, represent the future of San Diego housing needs. Due to San Diego expecting an estimated increase of nearly one million residents over the next 40 years, we need to think how to wisely promote and adopt housing solutions.  I support this project and the City staff’s recommendations to approve it.  I also support the use of new and innovative technology, which has already proven successful in other parts of the City to reduce traffic wait times. The One Paseo project has worked to meet the 11 conditions that the Planning Commission has set forth. One Paseo will help improve the quality of life for San Diegans and help bolster our local economy. For these reasons, I support One Paseo.”

18th: “I am truly saddened to hear about the tragic events over the past week involving three university students in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I would like to extend my sincere condolences to the families, friends and communities affected by this tragedy. I personally condemn any violence or prejudice directed against any faith-based community. The sixth district is home to a large and vibrant Muslim American population that I am honored to represent.  Any violence (or threat of violence) directed toward the Muslim American community is of great concern for me and law enforcement in the City of San Diego.  I look forward to further engaging the great San Diego community to help us move to become one San Diego community.”

17th: PDF icon Councilman Chris Cate $15,070.99 District 6 Libraries - Read Across America Day

11th: PDF icon Chris Cate Rings In New Lunar New Year at SeaWorld San Diego

January 2015

30th: “Mayor Faulconer presented a diverse team of individuals with educational and financial knowledge which spans across the public and private sectors. I am optimistic that the nine-member task force will be vigilant toward taxpayers’ dollars when providing the thorough analysis for a stadium. I look forward to seeing the proposal at the year’s end and working with all of the regional stakeholders to move this project forward. I applaud the mayor for assembling the group and bringing closure to a discussion that started more than a decade ago.”

28th: PDF icon Councilmembers Cate & Sherman Propose New Smart and Transparent Budgeting Strategy

21st: PDF icon Chris Cate Kicks Off Homeless Census at Operation Homefront

14th: “Mayor Faulconer presented a bold agenda and vision for the future of San Diego.  I applaud his commitment to restore our City streets by doubling the miles of road repair over the next six years.  I look forward to working with my council colleagues and Mayor Faulconer to address the police recruitment and retention crisis, strengthen San Diego’s economy and increase the level of city services.  I share in his plan’s goal to create opportunity for all neighborhoods and to be one San Diego.”

Chris' Policy Priorities

These pillars allow our office to remain focused on those issues that are most important to the quality of life of our residents.

Public Safety

Infrastructure and Environment

Civic and Government Engagement