San Diego

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STAR/PAL Youth Program

Hours: Vary; see below.

Location: 4110 54th Street, Colina del Sol Park

Minimum Age: 18

Court Referrals: No (No persons with felony or misdemeanor convictions accepted.)

STAR/PAL Homework Assistant

Provide homework assistance and some remedial help to students studying in City or County branch libraries at various locations.

Qualifications: Patient; flexible; enjoys working with children; dependable.

Time Commitment: 1-2 days/week; 1+ hours/day; late afternoons.

STAR/PAL Sports/Special Events Assistant

Assist with youth athletic or recreational activities, including score keeping, judging, timing, umpiring, set up/take down, food service, etc. May include football, track & field, soccer, basketball, swimming, fishing, math olympiads, etc.

Qualifications: Enjoys working with youth; knowledge of sports and rules where needed.

Time Commitment: Weekends; 4 hours/event or duration of event.

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