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Development Services

This Information Bulletin covers procedures for obtaining a permit to install water, sewer or fire services. The City of San Diego Public Utilities Department may be hired, in certain cases, to install water services and sewer laterals. All water service connections to the main and the installation of water meters must be performed by the Public Utilities Department. For more information refer to section III in this bulletin. A permanent encroachment permit is required if the proposed water, sewer or fire service is not perpendicular to the property line or the main does not front the property (see Figure 1).

Permits are issued at the City of San Diego Development Services, 1222 First Avenue, third floor.

I. Construction Plan

A construction plan, a drawing showing the general layout of the lot (see Figure 1 of Information Bulletin 165), is required. It should not exceed 11” x 17” in size and must include the following:

  1. Front and side property lines and all applicable dimensions.
  2. North arrow.
  3. Street names and center lines.
  4. Property owner’s name, address, and phone number.
  5. Site address and legal description of the property, i.e., lot number, block number (when applicable), subdivision name, map number, and assessor’s parcel number.
  6. Location and size of water and/or sewer main.
  7. Distance from main, proposed service, and curb to property lines.

For water and sewer main information, visit the Records Section at the Development Services Center, second floor, or phone (619) 446-5200. Another resource for records prior to 1985 is Maps & Records of the Water Department, (619) 527-7482. A legend should be provided to clearly explain the work to be done (i.e., type and size of service) and a reference to the Regional Standard Drawing used.

II. Traffic Control Permit

A Traffic Control Permit conforming to CalTrans “Manual of Traffic Controls” is required. A separate fee is charged for this service. For more information, contact the Traffic Control Permits Section, Development Services Center, third floor, or phone (619) 446-5150. Two copies of the approved Traffic Control Permit are required.

III. Development Services Approval

The installation of water and fire services require approval from the Development Services Department, Water Section, located at 600 B Street, Suite 1000. To make an appointment, call (619) 533-5146. Upon approval, they will sign the plot plan.

The installation of sewer services require approval from the Development Services Department, Wastewater section, located at 600 B Street, Suite 1420. To make an appointment, call (619) 533-5122. Upon approval they will sign the plot plan.

IV. Metropolitan Wastewater Department Approval

The installation of sewer laterals require an approval from the Public Utilities Department. To schedule an appointment call (619) 533-7513. Upon review and approval, a staff member will sign the construction plan.

V. Dosh Permit/Waiver

If the proposed trench will be five feet deep or more, a permit from the State of California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) will be required. If the proposed trench is less than five feet deep, a DOSH Declaration Waiver must be submitted. A copy of a blank declaration waiver form is available on the third floor of the Development Services Center. For more information contact the Department of Occupational Safety and Health, (619) 767-2280.

VI. Permit Issuance

Appointments for permit issuance are recommended. Once you have obtained the required approvals, phone (619) 446-5300 to schedule an appointment for permit issuance. Bring three copies of the approved Construction Plan, Traffic Control Permit, and DOSH permit (if required) to your appointment. A fee will be charged at permit issuance. If you choose not to make an appointment, go to the Check-In Counter, third floor, Development Services Center.

All water service connections to the main and water meters must be installed by the Water Department. Separate fees are required for these items (refer to “Schedule for Water and Sewer Fees”). These services must be scheduled in advance, after the permit is issued. Contact the Public Utilities Department at (619) 527-7424 for installation information.

VII. Inspections

Inspections are required for trenching in the public right of way. An inspection must be scheduled after the trench has been dug and before the proposed service is connected. A final inspection is required after all work is completed. Inspectors are available before construction begins. For more information or to schedule inspections, contact the Development Services Department Telecom and Utility Division at or 619-446-5242.

Figure 1: Encroachment Conditions

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