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Development Services

"Affordable Housing Permit Now" Program

Executive Order Provides Special Permit Processing for 100% Affordable Housing and Shelter Projects

logo for the affordable housing permit now program

In the City of San Diego, there are not enough homes available for individuals and families who live on modest or low incomes: demand is significantly higher than supply. On Jan. 11, 2023, Mayor Todd Gloria issued an Executive Order directing City staff to take special action on this challenging housing issue.

The Development Services Department (DSD) has a role in the process of constructing these homes: DSD is responsible for reviewing a project’s application and issuing permits for construction if the proposal meets code requirements, as well as checking on the project to make sure the builder follows those requirements during construction.

To help encourage affordable housing projects, DSD created a program designed to provide greater speed and efficiency in permitting and provide enhanced customer service to applicants seeking to build affordable homes. The program provides strict timelines for review and approval of eligible projects and includes a process designed for clear communication and effective coordination between applicant and City representatives.

For more information on the Executive Order and features of the program, including details regarding what project types are eligible and how to apply, please view the information on this page.

DSD welcomes the opportunity to play a role in helping developers bring more affordable homes to the city!

View the Executive Order