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Development Services

Quicker Processing Opportunities

The following processing opportunities are provided in the Development Services Department to allow for quicker processing of eligible projects. Please visit the links for more information regarding program eligibility, timeframes, and costs:

  • An affordable housing building

    Expedite Program

    The Affordable, Infill Housing and Sustainable Buildings Expedite Program provides expedited discretionary and ministerial permit processing for eligible affordable, in-fill housing and sustainable development permits and building projects. Learn more about the Expedite Program

  • Blueprint plans overlayed by an icon depicting a fast moving clock

    Express Plan Check

    Express Plan Check is available for most projects and disciplines for additional fees. The Express Plan Check fee includes rechecks. Eligibility is based on project type. Some projects may also qualify for special processing, such as 100% Affordable Housing and Emergency Shelter projects.

    Learn more about Express Plan Check

  • Blueprint overlayed with an icon depicting a permit

    Rapid Review

    Rapid Review, formerly known as Over-the-Counter review, is determined at the time of submittal based on the proposed scope of the project. Eligible projects are those that are minor in scope. If a project is determined to be eligible, DSD staff automatically places the project into Rapid Review. There is no added cost for Rapid Review. Learn more about Rapid Review