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Electrical Permit

Electrical permits ensure projects comply with the minimum standards that help safeguard life or limb, public health, property and welfare. No electrical wiring, device, appliance, or equipment shall be installed within or on any structure or premises, nor shall any alteration, addition, or replacement be made in any existing wiring, device, appliance, or equipment unless an Electrical Permit has been obtained for the work, except as exempted as stated below.

Based on your desired work scope, an electrical permit may be a Simple "No-Plan" Electrical Permit or a Plan (required) Electrical Permit. See Information Bulletin 103 to determine whether the scope of work qualifies for a Simple "No-Plan" Electrical Permit. 

Simple "No-Plan" Electrical Permit

Homeowners, property owners and licensed contractors can obtain a no-plan Electrical Permit for minor installations, including:

  • Meter reset/re-connections
  • Adding circuits
  • Miscellaneous wirings, such as relocation of electrical outlets, or re-wiring
  • Temporary power poles for construction sites
  • Electric vehicle charging stations for private garages

If your project includes a combination of electrical, mechanical equipment and/or plumbing/gas, once you are in the online permitting portal, you will need to select a Simple No-Plan Combination Permit when you initiate the application process.

Applicants will receive their permit generally within two business days. An inspection can be scheduled once the invoice is paid and the permit is issued.

Apply for a Simple Permit

Plan (required) Electrical Permit

Electrical plans and calculations are required for all buildings and structures other than one-and two-family dwellings except when the installation qualifies for a no-plan permit. Applicants must obtain Electrical Permit for all electrical work and shall only be issued to a person, firm, or corporation that holds a valid California State Contractor's License that permits electrical installation or to the property owner or lessee.

Apply for a Plan Permit