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Engineering & Capital Projects

Construction Management & Field Engineering Division

This Division manages City of San Diego construction contracts, materials testing, land surveying services, and geological assessment/support. This responsibility includes providing:

  • Quality assurance, quality control inspection, construction management, and survey support for Capital Improvements Program (CIP) projects and bridges. The Construction Management & Field Services Division inspects all bridges constructed by City as CIP projects or private development.
  • Private land development of public infrastructure inspections
  • Land surveying support for aerial mapping; preliminary surveys; construction surveying; monument perpetuation in accordance with the California Business and Professions Code; inspecting subdivision monuments in accordance with the Subdivision Map Act, boundary surveys of City-owned property and right-of-way; horizontal and vertical control; monitoring of local reservoirs; preparing legal descriptions and accompanying exhibits; and archiving field notes.
  • Traffic engineering support during construction
  • Lab testing of construction materials in the field and at manufacturing facilities throughout the region, including:
    • Pipes for drainage, water and sewer systems, concrete, asphalt, cement treated base, and soil for roads
    • Reinforcing steel, blocks, bricks, steel cables, engineering fabrics, and many other miscellaneous materials used for buildings, bridges and sewer rehabilitation