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Fire-Rescue Department

False Alarm Program

The City of San Diego instituted a False Alarm Program to help reduce the excessive number of false alarms occurring within the city. A false alarm is an alarm activation causing a response by the Fire-Rescue Department when an emergency situation does not exist. The majority of alarms that the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department responds to are false, resulting in a waste of resources by reducing emergency unit availability and creating unnecessary danger to citizens and firefighters. For excessive responses, a cost recovery fee and a penalty may be assessed to the permit holder. Additional information about false alarms can be found in the resources below:

For further assistance, please contact the false alarm administrator at (619) 533-4371 or email

Monitored Fire Alarm Permit

The City of San Diego Fire-Rescue Department requires a permit for monitored fire and/or harmful gas alarm systems for both residential and commercial properties. A fire alarm permit is $18.00 for 24 months and may be obtained using one of the following options:

Apply or Pay for Alarm Permits Online

                                     San Diego Fire-Rescue
                                     Attn: Fire Alarms Clerk
                                     525 B Street Suite 300
                                     San Diego, CA 92101

Note: This is a separate permit requirement from the monitored security alarm permit requirement with the San Diego Police Department.

The installation or modification of a fire alarm system requires a Fire Permit from the Development Services Department.