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Get It Done - Safety

Get It Done

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3  Check Status Now

Check the status of a parking citation/ticket

Check the status of a Get It Done report.

3  Register Now

Register for Alert San Diego emergency notification system

Pay or apply for permits for systems with fire/harmful gas and burglary/robbery alarm sensors

3  Pay Now

Pay a parking citation/ticket

3  Report Now

File a report about illegal drug and narcotics activities in your neighborhood

Report a non-emergency crime to police

Report a pothole or other street-related problem

File a complaint about police practices

File a report about an abandoned vehicle

File a noise complaint

Report illegal alcohol sales

File a discrimination complaint

3  Request Now

Submit a service request regarding a traffic sign, street striping or curb color painting, stop sign, traffic signal or other traffic safety measure

Request a tour of a City fire station

Request an administrative review of your parking citation

Request graffiti be removed on City streets and other property

Request a presentation on fire safety

3  View Now

View maps showing crimes and alerts of criminal activity

View various City maps

View the City's fire dispatch log that contains information about active Fire and EMS calls