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Homelessness Strategies and Solutions

Comprehensive Shelter Strategy

In June 2023, the Homelessness Strategies and Solutions Department presented the first Comprehensive Shelter Strategy to the San Diego City Council. The strategy was developed at a point in time and is a living document that is meant to be changed and updated to meet the evolving needs of the population. The strategy includes an analysis of current shelter options and potential locations for expanding shelter opportunities with estimated costs, site viability and other criteria used to determine suitability of a site. 

Many locations listed in this analysis should be considered as under review only. Final contracts, costs, timelines and more will be provided to City Council and communities when a site is moving forward as a definitive option. 

The Comprehensive Shelter Strategy analyzed the following: 


Safe, low-barrier, temporary housing with supportive services to connect individuals to permanent housing.

Safe Parking

Designated parking lots for people staying in their vehicles to park overnight with supportive services.

Safe Sleeping

Safe, legal camping sites with supportive services.

At a Glance

What The Strategy Does

Defines current City-funded shelters and safe parking options.

Provides analysis of the type and quantity of shelter options needed.

Outlines short-, medium- and long-term solutions for shelter needs.

What The Strategy Does Not Do

Is not a static plan with definitive projects. It will be changed as needs and services adapt over time.

Does not identify funding for future projects.

Does not mean all of these options will come to fruition.

Review the Comprehensive Shelter Strategy