San Diego

About the Board

Executive Director

Board Members

  • Bruce Abrams, Chair
  • Roberto Alcantar
  • Kathleen Charla
  • Deborah Flores
  • Mark Leo
  • Jordan Marks
  • Rebecca Morales
  • Bob Morris
  • George Novinger
  • Patricia Waller
  • Caroleen Williams


Eleven (11) members who are residents of the County of San Diego at the time of appointment and during incumbency and shall be qualified by training, experience, or interest in international affairs. Each member is prohibited from engaging in activities which could result in a conflict of interest.


Appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Whenever the Mayor does not appoint a member within 45 days after a vacancy occurs, the City Council shall make an appointment.


The members shall serve two-year terms and each member shall serve until his successor is duly appointed and qualified. The members shall be appointed in such a manner that the terms of not more than six (6) members shall expire in any year. The expiration date shall be March 1.


San Diego Municipal Code, PDF icon Chapter II, Art. 6 Sec. 26.22 & 26.23  - first adopted 5-26-1966; amended by Ordinance O-10273, N.S., adopted 4-21-1970. Council Policy 000-13. Resolution R-218868, 7-20-1977. Amended by Ordinance O-20179, N.S., adopted 7-5-2012.