Convention Center Related IBA Reports


PDF icon IBA Report 17-21

Discussion of the Proposed Ballot Measure to Increase the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT)


PDF icon IBA Report 17-20

Review of City Agencies FY 2018 Budgets: Convention Center


PDF icon Report No. 16-06

Review of City Agencies FY 2017 Budgets: Convention Center


PDF icon Report No. 15-30 REV

Proposed Response to Grand Jury Report: "SAN DIEGO CONVENTION CENTER CORPORATION"


PDF icon Report No. 15-20

Review of City Agencies FY 2016 Budgets: Convention Center


PDF icon Report No. 14-18

PDF icon Report No. 14_18 - Attachment 1  (5/6/14)
Review of City Agencies FY 2015 Budgets: Convention Center


PDF icon Report No. 14-06

Reinstatement of the Convention Center Phase II Loan Agreement and ROPS 6


PDF icon Report No. 13-31

PDF icon Report No. 13_31 - Attachment 1  (7/25/13)
Review of the FY 13 Performance Overview Report for the San Diego Convention Center

Convention Center reports from 2015 and earlier are available in the City of San Diego's archived site.