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Independent Budget Analyst (IBA)

2016 Reports

IBA Report 16-43

IBA Review of the Mayor's FY 2018-2022 Five-Year Financial Outlook

of Report No. 16-42

Status Update for Prior Grand Jury Report Recommendations: COMPENSATION OF CITY OF SAN DIEGO ELECTED OFFICIALS

Report No. 16-41

Proposed Financing Plan for Plaza de Panama Project in Balboa Park

Report No. 16-40

Plaza de Panama Project and Proposed Cooperation Agreement

Report 16-39

Comparative Information on Maximum Penalties in Other Cities

Report No. 16-38

Comparative Information: Redistricting Commissions in Other Cities

Report No. 16-37

Proposed Municipal Code Changes to Section 98.0301 Related to the San Diego Housing Commission

Report No. 16-36

Overview of Residual Redevelopment Property Tax Trust Fund Revenue

IBA Report 16-35

Review of the FY 2016 Year-End Financial Performance Report

IBA Report 16-34

Review of 101 Ash Street Lease-to-Own Proposal

IBA Report 16-33REV

FY 2018 Budget Development Calendar

IBA Report 16-32

Proposed Response to Grand Jury Report Citizen Oversight Boards of Police Behavior

IBA Report 16-31

FISCAL IMPACT STATEMENT Measure N: Non-Medical Cannabis Business Tax

IBA Report 16-30

FISCAL IMPACT STATEMENT Measure M: Affordable Housing: Increasing the Limit on the Number of Units the City and Certain Public Agencies are Allowed to Help Develop

IBA Report 16-29

FISCAL IMPACT STATEMENT Measure L: Charter Amendment Requiring Citizens Initiative and Referendum Measures to be Placed on November General Election Ballots, Unless the Council Decides to Submit Them to Voters Earlier

IBA Report 16-28

FISCAL IMPACT STATEMENT Measure K: Charter Amendment Requiring Run-Off Election for the Offices of Mayor, City Attorney and Councilmember

IBA Report 16-27

FISCAL IMPACT STATEMENT Measure J: Charter Amendment Regarding Use of Lease Revenue from Mission Bay Park

IBA Report 16-26

FISCAL IMPACT STATEMENT Measure I: Charter Amendment Regarding Balboa Park and San Diego High School

IBA Report 16-25

FISCAL IMPACT STATEMENT Measure H: Charter Amendments Regarding Purchasing and Contracting Processes for the City of San Diego

IBA Report 16-24

FISCAL IMPACT STATEMENT Measure G: Charter Amendments Regarding the Citizens Review Board on Police Practices

IBA Report 16-23

FISCAL IMPACT STATEMENT Measure F: Charter Amendment Regarding Required Term of Service for Certain Terminations or Suspensions of Deputy City Attorneys

IBA Report 16-22

FISCAL IMPACT STATEMENT Measure E: Charter Amendment Regarding Qualifications, Vacancy, and Removal for Mayor, City Attorney, and Council

IBA Report 16-21

FISCAL IMPACT STATEMENT Measure D: Tax and Facilities Initiative

IBA Report 16-20

FISCAL IMPACT STATEMENT Measure C: Downtown Stadium Initiative

Report 16-19

Proposed Response to Grand Jury Report - Campaign Law Enforcement & Training: City and County of San Diego

Report 16-18 REV


Report 16-17

Proposed Ballot Measure to Extend and Modify City Charter Section 55.2

Report 16-16

Zero-Base Budgeting Concepts and Examples

Report 16-15

Firehouse Bond Ballot Proposal

Report 16-14REV

Proposed FY 2017 Statement of Budgetary Principles

Report 16-14

Proposed FY 2017 Statement of Budgetary Principles

Report 16-13

FY 2016 Year-End Budget Adjustments and Year-End Budget Monitoring

Report 16-12

FY 2017 Councilmember Budget Priority Memos

Report 16-11

Review of FY 2017 May Revise and Recommended Revisions

Report 16-10

Review of City Agencies FY 2017 Budgets: San Diego Housing Commission

Report 16-09

Review of City Agencies FY 2017 Budgets: Civic San Diego and the Successor Agency of the Former Redevelopment Agency

Report 16-08

Disparity Study: An Overview of Municipalities and Government Agencies

Report 16-07

Review of City Agencies FY 2017 Budgets: San Diego City Employees Retirement System

Report No. 16-06

Review of City Agencies FY 2017 Budgets: Convention Center

Report No. 16-05

Review of the Fiscal Year 2017 Proposed Budget

Report No. 16-04

FY 2016 Mid-Year Budget Monitoring

Memo Jan. 29, 2016

Additional Information on Rebuild San Diego Ballot Scenarios

Report No. 16-03

FY 2017 City Council Budget Priorities

Report No. 16-02

Rebuild San Diego Ballot Proposal

Report No. 16-01

Updated Report on Options for Increasing the City's General Fund Reserve