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Independent Budget Analyst (IBA)

2006 Reports

Report No. 06-61

San Diego Medical Service Enterprise LLC (SDMSE): Proposed Contract Amendments
to the Third Amended and Restated Operating Agreement

Report No. 06-60

Kroll Remediation Status Report Numbers 2 and 3

Report No. 06-59

Attachment 1 (11/29/06)
Financial Training for the City Council

Report No. 06-58

Nuisance Rental Properties/"Mini-Dorms"

Report No. 06-57

Amending the San Diego Municipal Code to Implement Voter Approval of Retirement System Benefit Increases and to Add Policies and Procedures to Implement Use of Managed Competition

Report No. 06-56

Regulation of Large Retail Establishments and Prohibition of Superstores

Report No. 06-55

Report No. 06-55 - Attachment A (11/13/06)
Fiscal Year 2008 Budget Development and Public Input Process

Report No. 06-54

Amendments to San Diego Municipal Code to (1) Implement Benefit Eligibility
Changes for Employees Hired and Elected Officials Assuming Office On or After
July 1, 2005 and (2) Implement Requirements of California's Domestic Partner
Rights and Responsibilities Act of 2003

Report No. 06-53

Kroll Remediation Status and Related Actions

Report No. 06-52

Pension Plans: Alternatives for the Future

Report No. 06-51

Pension Plan: A Strategy for Action

Report No. 06-50

Creation of a Grand Jury Implementation Committee

Report No. 06-49

Attachment 1 (10/23/06)
Attachment 2 (10/23/06)
Support for Proposition 1A-1E, the Infrastructure Bond Package, on the
November 2006 Statewide Ballot

Report No. 06-48

Report No. 06-48 - Attachment (10/13/06)
Authorization Process and Policy for Current Year Budget Changes

Report No. 06-47

Report No. 06-47 - Attachment 1 (10/13/06)
Report No. 06-47 - Attachment 2 (10/13/06)
Council Modifications Made During the Fiscal Year 2007 Budget Process and the IBA's 2007 Policy Matrix

Report No. 06-46

Human Resources/Personnel Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

Report No. 06-45

Review of Information Technology Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Report No. 06-44

In the Matter of Blue Level Swim Program, A Service Program Operated by the Park and Recreation Department

Report No. 06-43

Attachment A (10/12/06)
Attachment B (10/12/06)
Attachment C (10/12/06)
Attachment D (10/12/06)
Attachment E (10/12/06)
Attachment F (10/12/06)
In the Matter of the Take Back the Streets Program and Contract

Report No. 06-42

Report No. 06-42 - Attachment (10/10/06)
Transmittal of Itemized Matrix of Remediations Proposed by the Kroll Report and the Mayor

Memo No. 06-24

Memo No. 06-24 - Attachment (10/06/06)
Fiscal Year 2007 Phase Funding for Miramar Water Treatment Plan

Report No. 06-41

Report No. 06-41 - Attachment A (10/05/06)
Report No. 06-41 - Attachment B (10/05/06)
Review of Contracts Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

Report No. 06-40

Fiscal Year 2006 Summary Report

Memo No. 06-22R

Revision to Memorandum No. 06-22 (Line of Credit with Bank of America N.A. for the North Park Redevelopment Project Area), Item 332

Memo No. 06-22

Line of Credit with Bank of America N.A. for the North Park Redevelopment Project Area

Report No. 06-39

In the Matter of Regulating Large Retail Development

Report No. 06-38

Hybrid Vehicle Preferred Parking

Memo No. 06-20

BPR Process

Report No. 06-37

City Council Position Control Policy

Report No. 06-36

Attachment (9/08/06)
Proposed FY 2008 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) Schedule

Report No. 06-35

Report No. 06-35 - Attachment (8/30/06)
Responses to Remedial Recommendations of the City of San Diego's Audit Committee

Report No. 06-34

Establishing the Policy of the City of San Diego to Reorganize the Departments of the City (Business Process Reengineering Ordinance

Report No. 06-33

Public Safety Strategic Plan

Report No. 06-32

Fiscal Year 2007 Appropriation Ordinance

Report No. 06-31

Redevelopment Restructuring

Report No. 06-30

FY 2007 Appropriation Ordinance

Memo No. 06-12

Response to the San Diego County Grand Jury Report on Service Level Agreements

Memo No. 06-29

Memo No. 06-29 - Attachment (11/21/06)
Itemized Kroll Matrix: Second Iteration

Report No. 06-29

Report No. 06-29 - Attachment (6/22/06)
Proposed FY 2008 Budget Process

Report No. 06-28

Attachment (6/22/06)
San Diego Municipal Golfer's Alliance Golf Plan

Memo No. 06-11

Fiscal Year 2006 Year-End Budget Adjustments

Memo No. 06-10

Memo No. 06-10 - Attachment (6/08/06)
FY 2007 Appropriations Ordinance

Report No. 06-26

Report No. 06-26 - Attachment (5/19/06)
Report No. 06-26 - Attachment I (5/19/06)
Report No. 06-26 - Attachment II (5/19/06)
Report No. 06-26 - Attachment III (5/19/06)
Recommended Modifications to the Mayor's Proposed Fiscal Year 2007 Budget

Report No. 06-25

FY 2007 Proposed Budgets for the Redevelopment Agency, which includes Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC), Southeastern Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) and City of San Diego's Redevelopment Division

Report No. 06-24

Overview of Citywide Issues Presented in IBA Report No. 06-18, "Mayor's Proposed Fiscal Year 2007 Budget"

Report No. 06-23

City of San Diego's Five-Year Golf Operations Business Plan

Report No. 06-22

Additional Expenditures for Kroll and Related Entities

Report No. 06-21

The Mayor and Council Salary Setting Process

Report No. 06-20

Independence of the City Auditor and Comptroller

Report No. 06-19

The Size and Makeup of the City Council (Tie-break issue)

Report No. 06-18

Mayor's Proposed Fiscal Year 2007 Budget

Report No. 06-18

Mayor's Proposed Fiscal Year 2007 Budget

Report No. 06-17

San Diego Housing Commission FY 2007 Proposed Budget

Report No. 06-16

Report No. 06-16 - Attachment (4/21/06)
Appropriation of Funding for Storm Water Pollution Prevention Division

Report No. 06-15

Tobacco Settlement Revenue Securitization

Report No. 06-14

Authorization of Increased Legal Fees for Current and Former Elected Officials
and City Employees

Report No. 06-13

Managed Competition Ballot Measure

Report No. 06-12

Cost Allocation Policy of the Mayor

Report No. 06-11

City of San Diego Golf Operations Five-Year Business Plan

Report No. 06-10

"The Bottom Line" Report Addressing the City's Structural Budget Deficit

Report No. 06-09

Supplemental Positions and Vacancy Factor

Memo No. 06-09

Memo No. 06-09 - Attachment I (5/26/06)
Memo No. 06-09 - Attachment II (5/26/06)
Memo No. 06-09 - Attachment III (5/26/06)
Memo No. 06-09 - Attachment IV (5/26/06)
Final Recommended Modifications to the Fiscal Year 2007 Budget

Report No. 06-08

Report No. 06-08 - Attachment A (2/16/06)
Report No. 06-08 - Attachment B (2/16/06)
Fiscal Year 07 Budget Development and Public Input Process

Report No. 06-07

Downtown Community Plan

Report No. 06-06

Mayor's Ballot Proposals

Report No. 06-05

Attachment (1/30/06)
Report from the IBA on Internal Procedures

Memo No. 06-05

IBA Report 06-13 and Mayors Office Clarification of Managed Competition Ballot Language

Report No. 06-04

Report No. 06-04 - Attachment (1/25/06)
City Council Budget Priorities for Fiscal Year 2007

Memo No. 06-04

Item 50 - Two Actions Related to the Proposed Tenth Amendment to the Redevelopment Plan for the Centre City Redevelopment Project (Downtown Community Plan)

Report No. 06-03

Pension Solutions: Securitization of Tobacco Settlement Revenues

Memo No. 06-03

Item 3 (Redevelopment Agency) Children's Museum - Proposed Third Implementation Agreement

Report No. 06-02

Fire-Rescue Department SAFER Grant

Report No. 06-01

Annual Report on Internal Controls