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Independent Budget Analyst (IBA)

2013 Reports

IBA Report 13-56

Civil Service Hiring Process: Vetting Internal City Issues

Report No. 13-55

City Lease of 1010 Second Avenue Office Space

Report No. 13-54

Report No. 13_54 - Attachment 1(PDF)(12/06/13)
Report No. 13_54 - Attachment 2(PDF)(12/06/13)
Report No. 13_54 - Attachment 3(PDF)(12/06/13)
Report No. 13_54 - Attachment 4(PDF)(12/06/13)
IBA's Review of the Interim Mayor's Financial Outlook for FY 2015 2019

Report No. 13-53

FY 2014 First Quarter Budget Monitoring Report

Report No. 13-52

Second Amendment Between the City of San Diego & the Tourism Marketing District Corporation

Report No. 13-51

Impacts of the Non-housing Due-Diligence Review

Report No. 13-50

Considerations Associated with the Proposed Adoption and Implementation of an Open Data Policy

Report No. 13-49

Report No. 13_49 - Attachment 1(PDF)(11/01/13)
Report No. 13_49 - Attachment 2(PDF)(11/01/13)
Proposed Housing Impact Fee Adjustments

Report No. 13-48

Report No. 13_48 - Attachment 1(PDF)(10/25/13)
Review of the Assistant Chief Operating Officer's Proposal for Improvements to the City's Governmental Operations

Report No. 13-47

Report No. 13_47 - Attachment 1(PDF)(10/24/13)
Report No. 13_47 - Attachment 2(PDF)(10/24/13)
Public Safety Concerns With Sprint Solutions, Inc. Communication Services

Report No. 13-46

Second Contracts for the FY 2014 Emergency Homeless Shelters

Report No. 13-45

Income from the Mt Hope Cemetery Perpetuity Fund in Support of Perpetual Care and Upkeep of the Cemetery

Report No. 13-44

Fiscal Impact of New Storm Water Regulations

Report No. 13-43

Report No. 13_43 - Attachment 1(PDF)(10/07/13)
FY 2015 Budget Development Calendar

Report No. 13-42

Report No. 13_42 - Attachment 1(PDF)(9/17/13)
Report No. 13_42 - Attachment 2(PDF)(9/17/13)
Response to Grand Jury Report: Mission Valley Fuel Leakage and Contamination Abatement

Report No. 13-41

Report No. 13_41 - Attachment 1(PDF)(9/17/13)
Report No. 13_41 - Attachment 2(PDF)(9/17/13)
Response to Grand Jury Report: Reduce Dependence on Imported Water

Report No. 13-40

Castlerock Housing Development Project

Report No. 13-39

ROPS 5 and Update on Redevelopment Dissolution

Report No. 13-38

City of San Diego Public Utilities Water Fund Cost of Service Study

Report No. 13-37 REV

Report No. 13_37rev - Attachment 1(PDF)(9/25/13)
Report No. 13_37rev - Attachment 2(PDF)(9/25/13)
Report No. 13_37rev - Attachment 3(PDF)(9/25/13)
Response to Grand Jury Report: Improved Access to Land Survey Records and Monuments"

Report No. 13-37

Report No. 13_37 - Attachment 1(PDF)(9/4/13)
Report No. 13_37 - Attachment 2(PDF)(9/4/13)
Response to Grand Jury Report: Improved Access to Land Survey Records and Monuments"

Report No. 13-36

Report No. 13_36 - Attachment 1(PDF)(9/3/13)
Report No. 13_36 - Attachment 2(PDF)(9/3/13)
Report No. 13_36 - Attachment 3(PDF)(9/3/13)
Report No. 13_36 - Attachment 4(PDF)(9/3/13)
Response to Grand Jury Report: Redevelopment Is Dead! Long Live Redevelopment!"

Report No. 13-35

Report No. 13_35 - Attachment 1(PDF)(9/3/13)
Report No. 13_35 - Attachment 2(PDF)(9/3/13)
Report No. 13_35 - Attachment 3(PDF)(9/3/13)
Response to Grand Jury Report:"San Diego- A Bicycle Friendly City; Many Opportunities for Improvement"

Report No. 13-34

Fees for Central Library Special Event Space

Report No. 13-33

Report No. 13_33 - Attachment 1(PDF)(6/18/13)
Report No. 13_33 - Attachment 2(PDF)(5/30/13)
Key Issues for Proposal to Require Compliance with State Prevailing Wage Laws on all City Public Works Projects

Report No. 13-32

San Diego Data Processing Corporation Dissolution and Potential Plan for Assets

Report No. 13-31

Report No. 13_31 - Attachment 1(PDF)(7/25/13)
Review of the FY 13 Performance Overview Report for the San Diego Convention Center

Report No. 13-30

Report No. 13_30 - Attachment A(PDF)(7/18/13)
Report No. 13_30 - Attachment B(PDF)(7/18/13)
Report No. 13_30 - Attachment C(PDF)(7/18/13)
City of San Diego Civil Service Hiring Process

Report No. 13-29 REV

Report No. 13_29 - Attachment 1(PDF)(7/22/13)
Report No. 13_29 - Attachment 2(PDF)(7/22/13)
Report No. 13_29 - Attachment 3(PDF)(7/22/13)
Report No. 13_29 - Attachment 4(PDF)(7/22/13)
Process for Appointing a Public Member to the City's Audit Committee

Report No. 13-28

Report No. 13_28 - Attachment 1(PDF)(7/24/13)
Report No. 13_28 - Attachment 2(PDF)(7/24/13)
Proposed FY 2014 Statement of Budgetary Principles

Report No. 13-27

San Diego Infrastructure Status Report and Important Next Steps

Report No. 13-26

Review of Proposal to Require Compliance with the State's Prevailing Wage Laws on all City Public Works Projects

Report No. 13-25

City Lease of 525 B Street Office Space

Report No. 13-24

Report No. 13-24 Attachment 1(PDF)(6/5/13)
FY 2014 Councilmember Budget Priority Memoranda

Report No. 13-23

Report No. 13-23 Executive Summary(PDF)(6/5/13)
Report No. 13-23 Attachment A(PDF)(6/5/13)
Report No. 13-23 Attachment B(PDF)(6/5/13)
Report No. 13-23 Attachment C(PDF)(6/5/13)
Report No. 13-23 Attachment D(PDF)(6/5/13)
Review of the FY 2014 May Revise and Recommended Revisions to the Mayor's FY 2014 Budget

Report No. 13-22 REV

FY 2013 Year-End Budget Adjustments and Year-End Budget Monitoring

Report No. 13-22

FY 2013 Year-End Budget Adjustments and Year-End Budget Monitoring

Report No. 13-21

Proposed San Diego Arts and Entertainment District

Report No. 13-20

Review of City Agencies FY 2014 Budgets

Report No. 13-19

Review of the Fiscal Year 2014 Proposed Budget

Report No. 13-18

Fiscal Impact & Feasibility of Evening Committee Meetings

Report No. 13-17

Neighborhood Parking Protection Ordinance

Report No. 13-16

Asset Management: Citywide Practices for Maintaining Infrastructure and Identifying Capital Needs

Report No. 13-15

2013 Lease Revenue Bonds - $30 Million Capital Improvement Projects Financing: Background Information and Options for Consideration

Report No. 13-13 REV

Report No. 13-13 REV Attachment 1(PDF)(3/12/13)
FY 2014 City Council Budget Priorities

Report No. 13-13

Report No. 13-13 Attachment 1(PDF)(3/12/13)
FY 2014 City Council Budget Priorities

Report No. 13-12

Review of FY 2013 Mid-Year Budget Monitoring Report

Report No. 13-11

Report No. 13-11 Attachment 1(PDF)(3/4/13)
Report No. 13-11 Attachment 2(PDF)(3/4/13)
Report No. 13-11 Attachment 3(PDF)(3/4/13)
Comparative Information about California Port District Commissioners

Report No. 13-10

2013A Lease Revenue Bonds $30M Capital Improvement Projects Financing combined with the Refunding of two Bonds Originally Issued in 2003

Report No. 13-09

Tourism Marketing District Renewal Background

Report No. 13-08

Computer Aided Dispatch System Replacement Funding

Report No. 13-07

ROPS 4 and Update on Redevelopment Dissolution

Report No. 13-06

Report No. 13-06 Attachment 1(PDF)(2/1/13)
Report No. 13-06 Attachment 2(PDF)(2/1/13)
City Council Standing Committees

Report No. 13-05

Report No. 13-05 Attachment 1(PDF)(2/1/13)
Report No. 13-05 Attachment 2(PDF)(2/1/13)
Report No. 13-05 Attachment 3(PDF)(2/1/13)
Open Discussion on Developing the FY 2014 City Council Budget Priorities Resolution

Report No. 13-04

Update on City Council Adopted Bidget Modifications for FY 2013

Report No. 13-03

Report No. 13-03 Attachment 1(PDF)(1/25/13)
Report No. 13-03 Attachment 2(PDF)(1/25/13)
Report No. 13-03 Attachment 3(PDF)(1/25/13)
City Council Legislative Priorities

Report No. 13-02

FY 2014 Labor Contract Negotiations

Report No. 13-01

Report No. 13-01 Attachment 1(PDF)
Status of City of San Diego Performance Measures