Fire Rescue and Lifeguards Related IBA Reports


PDF icon IBA Report 17-15

Fire-Rescue Standards of Response Cover Review: Fiscal Impacts & Implementation Scenarios


PDF icon Report 16-15

Firehouse Bond Ballot Proposal


PDF icon Report No. 14-39 REV

PDF icon Report No. 14_39 REV- Attachment 1  (10/03/14)
San Diego Infrastructure: Needs for Existing and New Fire Stations


PDF icon Report No. 14-22

PDF icon Report No. 14_22 - Attachment 1  (6/10/14)
PDF icon Report No. 14_22 - Attachment 2  (6/10/14)
Proposed Response to Grand Jury Report "Emergency Response Times: Does Your ZIP Code Dictate Your Chance of Survival?"


PDF icon Report No. 14-14

Second Amendment to 2011 Emergency Medical Services Agreement

Fire Rescue Lifeguards reports from 2015 and earlier are available in the City of San Diego's archived site.