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Open Government

Required Document Postings

Retiree Pay

The voters passed Proposition B in 2012, requiring the City to post the amount paid to each City retiree for the preceding calendar year, including the classification of each individual and the number of creditable service years.

City Lawsuits - Litigation Log

The City Attorney's office is required to provide a weekly listing of all litigation (litigation log) filed against or by the City of San Diego, any City boards, redevelopment agencies, and commissions.

Neighborhood Construction Project Tracking

In 2012, the City Council established new requirements for improving access to information related to Capital Improvements Projects. The public can now track the progress of all active construction projects managed by the City such as street improvements, utility undergrounding and water-main replacements.

City Employee Compensation

In 2012, the City Council voted to require that by April 15 of each year, the prior calendar year's employee compensation information (as defined by the State Controller's Office) be posted online.

City Construction Contracts

The voters passed Proposition A in 2012, requiring that all City construction contracts valued at more than $25,000 be posted on the City's website in a searchable format. For each contract, the number of bidders shall be shown and for any sole source contract, written justification shall be posted as to why it is a sole source contract. Additionally, in 2012 the City Council voted to require that by July 2013, all contracts for consultants, goods and services and all vendors of goods or services exceeding $25,000 be posted contingent upon the annual appropriation of sufficient funds and allowing for any practical or technical limitations related to electronic records.

Labor Agreements

In 2012, the City Council voted to require that all Memoranda of Understanding with each of the City's recognized employee organizations for the preceding five years be posted on the City's website.

Campaign and Lobbyist Disclosures