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Safe Place Program

The San Diego Police Department strives to advance the highest levels of public safety, trust, and professionalism by strengthening community partnerships through fair and impartial policing while fostering employee enrichment and growth to ensure we remain America’s Finest police department.

The Safe Place Program is to help businesses identify their establishments as a safe place for victims of hate crimes or harassment to notify police of a crime or of suspicious activity.

Information for Businesses

Your business plays a key role for our communities within the City of San Diego to become a safe place for all. Thank for your interest in becoming a safe place partner.

How can I get a Safe Place Program sticker for my business?

Currently, there are two versions of the Safe Place stickers. To obtain a sticker please contact:

What do I do when I receive the sticker?

Place the sticker in a location where all persons can easily see the sticker and can scan the QR code. While we understand that not all businesses are alike, the best placement for your sticker would be at every entrance a customer would use. There are two types of stickers, one is a window cling for mounting inside the business for outside visibility, and the other is for placement on the outside of a window, wall or door.

How can I help victims of hate crimes at my business?

As a Safe Place, you can do many things to ensure the safety and security of someone who was a victim of a hate crime.

  • The first thing you should ask is if the suspect is close by. If the suspect is close by, you may need to close and lock your business and call 911.
  • Then, ask the victim if he/she/they are injured. If the victim is injured and requires medical attention, please call 911.

If the suspect is not nearby, or the crime is not in progress, and the victim does not need immediate medical attention, try to keep the victim calm and encourage them to report the hate crime to the San Diego Police Department. Refer the victim to the QR code and call the non-emergency dispatch phone line at 619-531-2000. Be ready to answer a series of questions for the dispatcher. Please ask the victim all the questions the dispatcher asks the victim and/or encourage the victim to answer the questions. The information collected by the dispatcher is vital for responding officers.

If you can, please gather a preferred name and phone number for the victim. If the victim leaves prior to police arrival, please call back on the non-emergency phone line, giving the dispatcher the victim's preferred name and contact information so SDPD can follow up on the report.

Download these instructions for your employees

Diversity Training

The San Diego Police Department provides diversity training to all its officers and at the San Diego Regional Public Safety Institute. The State of California currently only requires 16 hours of cultural diversity and discrimination training; however, the San Diego region provides 22 hours. The training consists of emphasizing the importance of understanding the differing cultural, racial, or ethnic backgrounds they will encounter as an officer and how to treat everyone with dignity and respect despite these differences.

Department Procedure for Hate Crimes

SDPD Department Procedure 6.26 establishes the guidelines for the definition, enforcement posture and investigative responsibilities associated with hate crimes.

Human Relations Commission Hate Crime Resources

The City of San Diego's Human Relations Commission provides resources in several languages for how to report hate crimes, community events and ways to advocate against hate in your community.