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LGBTQ+ Training

Police Officers participating in the Pride ParadeAB 2504

The San Diego Police Department has been conducting LGBT Diversity Training at the San Diego Regional Academy since 1987. Our academy curriculum has evolved to meet the needs of the community since then. Today, we teach LGBTQ+ curriculum approved by California Police Officer’s Standards and Training pursuant to 13519.41 (AB2504) of the California Penal Code. All Police Officers in the City of San Diego will get this particular training. The San Diego Police Department’s employees will better understand our LGBTQ+ community and how our community can be affected by intersectionality. When calling the police, you will get a highly trained officer who will conduct a quality investigation and treat you with respect, dignity and professionalism.


(a) The commission shall develop and implement a course of training regarding sexual orientation and gender identity minority groups in this state. In developing the training, the commission shall consult with sexual orientation and gender identity minority members of law enforcement and the community who have expertise in the area of sexual orientation and gender identity, including at least one male, one female, and one transgender person.

(1) The difference between sexual orientation and gender identity and how these two aspects of identity relate to each other and to race, cul-ture, and religion.

(2) The terminology used to identify and describe sexual orientation and gender identity.

(3) How to create an inclusive workplace within law enforcement for sexual orientation and gender identity minorities.

(4) Important moments in history related to sexual orientation and gender identity minorities and law enforcement.

(5) How law enforcement can respond effectively to domestic violence and hate crimes involving sexual orientation and gender identity minori-ties.

(c) Law enforcement officers, administrators, executives, and dispatchers may participate in supplementary training that includes all of the top-ics described in this section. The supplementary training shall fulfill the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training requirements for continuing professional training and shall include facilitated discussions and learning activities, including scenario training exercises. Additional training courses to update this instruction shall be established as deemed necessary by the commission.