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Public Utilities

Winter Monitoring Period for Single-Family Customers

Determining Sewer Rates

In the City of San Diego, each single-family domestic customer's individualized flat sewer rate is based on the amount of water used during the previous winter. This system, rather than a flat rate for all customers, more fairly apportions the costs of running the sewer system.

Every winter, primarily from November through April, the City monitors the amount of water each customer uses. These months are when the measuring takes place because that is when the highest percentage of water used is returned to the sewer system. The City monitors your water usage during the two billing cycles and uses the total from the cycle with the least amount of usage to calculate your sewer rate.

Once the monitoring period is complete, an individualized flat rate is calculated for each customer, and that rate goes into effect beginning with the bill that includes July 1 of the following year. So, by conserving water during the winter monitoring period you can lower your sewer rate during the following year.

That rate is in effect for one year and will be updated with new data every July 1. If you are new to a home, your sewer rate will be based on the citywide average until a reading can take place for you during the next winter.

If you would like to know the exact dates of your winter monitoring period, please call our Customer Support Division at 619-515-3500.