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Public Utilities

Sewer Spill Reduction

City vactor truck at manholeTo report a sewer spill or bad sewer odor, immediately call 619-515-3525.

Any sewer spill in our City of San Diego is one spill too many, and the Public Utilities Department is driven by that mandate. Sewer spills can contaminate our waterways, beaches and bays, and cause health risks. We need your help in preventing sewer spills by not pouring fats, oils and grease down the drain and reporting sewer problems. 

If you see, smell or suspect a sewer spill, or see a sewer manhole that's been vandalized, report it immediately by calling 619-515-3525.

Preventing Sewer Spills

Find out what you can do to keep your home sewer system in good working order and prevent sewer spills in your neighborhood.

Food Establishment Wastewater Disposal (FEWD) Program

The FEWD Program is responsible for the permitting and compliance monitoring of food service establishments to control the discharge of grease into the wastewater collection system. The program also conducts investigations to determine sources of grease-related sewer main blockages.

Sewer Spill Statistics

The City of San Diego has a record of the number of sewer spills going back to 2000. See how the number of spills has decreased over the years.