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Public Utilities

Sewer Billing Rates

Sewer rates effective Jan. 1, 2024.

Each customer's City of San Diego sewer rate is made up of two parts:

  1. The fixed monthly service charge (Base Fee), which is based on your customer class.
  2. The sewer rate is the Sewer Service Charge, which is based on the amount and strength of the wastewater you discharge to the sewer system.

For an explanation of how the Sewer Service Charge is determined for single-family residential customers, please visit the Winter Monitoring Period information page. For multi-family customers, the Sewer Service Charge is determined each month based on a percentage of how much water is used.

Sewer charges vary by customer class and have been developed to ensure that each class pays its proportionate share of operating, maintaining, repairing and upgrading the sewer system.

Current Wastewater Service Charges

To view current wastewater service charges, please review the information below your customer class:

Single-Family Residential Customer

  01/01/24 Rate
Base Sewer Fee for Two Months $30.58
Sewer (rate per HCF**) $5.17
New Customer Fee: Base + Sewer *** $123.64
Maximum Fee: Base + Sewer (fee capped at 20 HCF/month) $237.38

Rate is based on 95% of total water use on a month-to-month basis.

** HCF (One Hundred Cubic Feet) = 748 Gallons.

*** The "New Customer Fee" is charged to single-family residential customers that have not established a winter month's water-use history in their current place of residence. It is based on the average single-family residential usage of 9 HCF/month.

Multi-Family Residential Customer

  01/01/24 Rate*
Base Sewer Fee $15.29
Sewer $5.17 per HCF**

* Rate is based on 95% of total water use on a month-to-month basis

** HCF (One Hundred Cubic Feet) = 748 Gallons.

Commercial / Industrial Customer

  01/01/24 Rate*
Base Fee $/month $15.29
Flow $/HCF WW ** $3.451
TSS $/lb $0.507
COD $/lb $0.225

* Rate reflects percentage of metered water use returned to sewer and pollutant loading based on national estimates of wastewater generation by businesses in the same Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code as the business served. Where facility-specific values have been measured, they are used.

** HCF (One Hundred Cubic Feet) = 748 Gallons.

City-metered Sewage Flows, Imported Flows and Hauled Waste

  01/01/24 Rate*
Flow $/HCF WW** $3.451
TSS $/lb $0.507
COD $/lb $0.225

* Rate applicable to contract customers and hauled waste customers. Base fee is included in rates above and not charged separately; cost to serve is based on metered wastewater flows and actual strengths.

** HCF (One Hundred Cubic Feet) = 748 Gallons.


Regulatory Hauled Waste and Industrial User Program Fees

Information about the regulatory fees for hauled waste program, as well as the Industrial Wastewater Control Program fees can be found on the program's web page.


For questions or other information, please contact the Public Utilities Department at or 619-515-3500.